Countdown to Iowa: Karl Rove Gives Free Campaign Advice to… Obama

Karl Rove has written a “Memo to Obama” offering him free campaign advice on “How to Beat Hillary.” Whatever happened to Rove retiring and spending time with the family? WTF? After all the damage he’s done to this country with his pal Dubya, now he’s running around offering free advice to our candidates:

First, stop acting like a vitamin-deficient Adlai Stevenson. Striking a pose of being high-minded and too pure will not work. Americans want to see you scrapping and fighting for the job, not in a mean or ugly way but in a forceful and straightforward way.

Hillary may come over as calculating and shifty but she looks in control. You, on the other hand, often come over as weak and ineffectual. In some debates, you do not even look at her when disagreeing with her, making it look as if you are afraid of her. She offers you openings time and again but you do not take advantage of them. Sharpen your attacks and make them more precise.

The entire gist of Rove’s little offering is for Obama to get harder on Clinton. Go negative in a big, big way. Meanwhile, the N.Y. Times’ Patrick Healy claims on The Caucus that Hillary is about to negative herself: 

Asked if Mr. Obama had a character problem, Mrs. Clinton first said it was up for voters to determine, but then added:

“It’s beginning to look a lot like that – it really is, where we can’t get a straight answer on health care, where somebody runs on ethics and not taking money from certain people is found to have at least skirted if not violated F.E.C. rules and to use lobbyists and Pac money to do so. You’re going to have ask the Obama campaign, but I have said for months that I would much rather be attacking Republicans and attacking problems of our country because ultimately that’s what I want to do as president.

“But I have been for months on the receiving end of rather consistent attacks – well now the fun part starts,” Mrs. Clinton said, punctuating the word “fun.” “We’re into the last month, and we’re going to start drawing the contrasts, because I want every Iowans to have accurate information when they make their decisions.”

And, Clinton’s Fact Hub offers this look at Obama’s attempt to re-write some history and the Obama campaign’s efforts to convince college students in Iowa to register to vote there so they can caucus for him in IowaWhat the

It may be getting cold outside, but things sure are heating up on the campaign trail…

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