Ten Post Round-Up: Business As Usual

It’s Monday! Don’t think of it as the beginning of a long work week, think of it as one day closer to next weekend.

I was finally able to troubleshoot my browser and everything is working as it should. It’s next to impossible for a control freak, such as myself, to accomplish anything, in an orderly fashion when your gadgets don’t work the way that you expect them to. It was taking me forever to get the Round-Up posted, because I had to go “old school” tech. I can’t tell you have happy I am to be back on track.

I’m getting my groove on with my second morning cuppa and I got a gang of posts to rack your brain with, today. Today’s musical interlude is not an attitude adjuster, but, it is meaningful. Actually, it’s heart-breaking. Check out Billy Joel & Cass Dillon Performing “Christmas In Fallujah”.

I know it’s hard to believe, but according to Pamela at The Democratic Daily, Karl Rove is giving free advice to Dick Cheney’s distant cousin, Barack Obama. I know you are all going “WTF?” But, we all know how scared Republicans are of Hillary Clinton, so Karl is just offering Barack some friendly advice on how to stop Hillary from taking over the free world.(1)

According to Duckplops, the new standards in police action in our country is to “taze first, ask questions…maybe”.(2)

Still having trouble shopping for the closeted gay Senator in your life? Well, Duckplops notes that you can buy “Talking Senator Larry Craig Action Figure” for less than $35!(3)

I, for one, am relieved that if I have a beef with the Army, I can take it up with my husband’s commander. No! Not really! Of course, it’s a nice idea, but the one who we should really be taking our grievances to GWB does not want to hear from those of us who continue to press for immediate withdrawal from Iraq.(4)

I’m sure we are all relieved that Imus is back and to prove that there are no hard feelings, he’s got a new black, female sidekick! Oooh! This should be interesting!(5)

Speaking of “interesting”, Pissed Off Patricia finds a very intriguing email with her Morning Martini.(6)

Just when you thought paleontology couldn’t get any more cool, I discovered a post about a mummified dinosaur at Signs Of The Times. Some kid in North Dakota found a fossilized dinosaur with all its skin and bones intact. I can’t wait to share this one with my own kids.(7)

Apparently, according to skippy the bush kangaroo, boys’ toys are now all the rage for little girls. Of course, that’s old news to me. My kids (one boy and one girl) have never cared if a toy was “gender-specific”. When they get their play-time on, all toys are created equal.(8)

The Senator Larry Craig action figure may be on the top of everyone’s holiday list, this year, but, it looks like Senator Craig may be scratching a few names off of his Christmas card list. And, it looks like Larry Craig and Ted Haggard have more in common than being outed in public. Apparently, they have the same “friend”.(9)

And, finally, Daniel at Seeking Utopia names his new goldfish and manages to piss everybody off!(10)

Well, the news may not be good, but on the up-side, the Spice Girls are back together. Now everything is right with the world!

While you are out rockin’ your own world, please be sure to take care of yourself. While you’re at it, make it a great day!

(Originally posted: Dizzy Dayz)

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