The Process of Eliminating Contenders For My Vote

[This is a purely personal view and not reflective of any one else at DemDaily.]

As someone with nearly 40 years of political experience as paid staffer or volunteer, I’ve eliminated some candidates from my political radar. With a field this big it’s a necessary effort. So the question to myself was “Who?”

Ok. Here’s my list of people who’ve earned being off my radar.

1. Bill Richardson: For a man with his foreign affairs background and state level experience he has managed to step on his…uh…hmmm… [debating my use of words]….tongue more often than any other candidate. He may pull a rabbit out of a hat in the early primaries but I fear if he does it will be a dead rabbit.

2. Dennis Kucinich: The Harold Stassen of the 2000’s, for those of you who don’t know who the hell Harold Stassen was follow the damn link…you should (!), Dennis the Menace continues to take up a minor amount of media coverage and very, very valuable debate airtime. He has so poorly represented his own district that there are up to three primary candidates ready to oppose him. His proposals? How about the ‘Department of Peace‘? Dennis, dear fellow, that is the already existing Department of State. Besides you can’t enforce ‘peace’. It’s an oxymoronic thought. Hell, Dennis, you’ve a beautiful new wife. Go home and practice mountain climbing. Really…it’s a good thought.

3. Mike whoever-the-Hell-he-is: Duh. (oh yeah…Gravel)…

4. Barrack Obama: Any sort of detailed analysis of my personal judgment about Senator Obama would attacked in moments by charges of racism, bias, non-progressive ideology and more by emotionally committed supporters. In fact, it’s that very reality that leads me to much of my decision. Created a campaign based in emotion that uses both very good and very questionable tactics while all the while claiming to be the 2008 Lancelot, the purest of knights. The emotional basis for his campaign is the most troubling. Sorry, Obama supporters, I think your candidate is an empty shirt with a great media image.

That leaves, in aphabetical order, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Chris Dodd and John Edwards. That’s big enough field for me to watch!

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  1. Oh my goodness… Stuart’s been weeding. I’m not saying anything more.