Three Reasons to Support Joe Biden

[Disclaimer: I am a Volunteer for Joe Biden for President]

He Can Rise Above Partisanship to Get the Work of the American People Done

Senator Joe Biden’s plan for a federal system in Iraq passed the Senate by a vote of 75-23. For the American people, this is the first step in bringing home many of the fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, daughters, and sons who are serving in Iraq.

It also serves as an example of what is possible when someone displays the type of leadership that causes members of both parties to work together. The Biden amendments co-sponsors included Democrats Harry Reid of Nevada, John Kerry of Massachusetts, and  Sherrod Brown of Ohio, and Republicans Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania and Sam Brownback of Kansas. Other well-known Democrats supporting the amendment were Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts and Robert Casey of Pennsylvania. Republicans who voted for the amendment included John Ensign of Nevada and Orin Hatch of Utah.

He Has a Record of Working to Keep America Safe on Every Level

Senator Biden has spent his career working for both hometown and homeland security. American ports are some of the most vulnerable areas to terrorist attacks, yet only five per cent of the cargo entering our seaports are currently screened. Joe Biden supports screening all of it.  In addition, a Biden Presidency would include 1,000 more F.B.I. agents and full implementation of the 9/11 commission recommendations. This would help to prevent people like the terrorists who masterminded and carried out the 9/11 attacks from even finalizing their plans, or getting dangerous materials into the country.

Senator Biden also knows that many of the threats to the safety of Americans come from criminals in their own community. Joe Biden wrote the legislation that added 100,000 more police officers to our nation’s streets, built drug courts, and worked with community organizations to prevent children from turning to a life of crime. He also wrote legislation that helps keep our children safe from the horrific crime of sexual abuse. Anyone who has checked the sex offenders registry to prevent their child from walking up to a potentially dangerous house for Trick-or-Treating this Halloween can thank Senator Joe Biden, who wrote the legislation to create a national registry of sex offenders. President Biden would also work to put 50,000 more cops on America’s streets.

He Has A History of Leadership in the Fight Against Domestic Violence

In the 1990’s, Senator Biden wrote the Violence Against Women Act. This act was the catalyst for hundreds of state laws against family violence. It provided resources to create shelters for domestic violence victims, encouraged states to set up coordinated community responses to domestic violence and rape, and held batterers fully accountable for their actions. The 1.5 million women who have used the national hotline to get help were able to access that help because of Senator Joe Biden’s Violence Against Women Act.

More About Senator Joe Biden

Senator Joe Biden has a history of working hard for the American people on these and many other issues. For more information visit

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