Ten Post Round-Up: Gimme the Truth

Morning cuppa…laptop…interweb connection…Don’t bother me, I’m blogging!

First, the daily “attitude adjustment”: Gimme the Truth (The PolitiFact Song). Very catchy, ditty!

Concerned about giving your darling little rugrats over-the-counter medicine? Try a teaspoon of honey, at bedtime, to calm your child’s cough. (Source: CNN.com)(1)

Tired of getting gouged by your credit card company? Looks like the Democrats and even the Fed have finally decided to look into the practices of the credit card industry. (Source: AMERICAblog)(2)

Don’t look now, but Australia’s new prime minister just signed the Kyoto Protocol. Imagine that? A politician who keeps his campaign promises. (Source: AMERICAblog)(3)

Would you believe that Osama has Iraq’s WMD? Then you’d probably believe that, despite news to the contrary, that Iran is working very hard to build a “nukuler” bomb. Just click the link to see the very “smart” graphic. (Source: driftglass)(4)

This is going to be fun. The Fundies here in Colorado are probably going to spontaneously combust when they read that the number of people who admit to being in same-sex relationships is way up. How far up? Try 473%! It’s not that there’s more gay people, just more people willing to give the finger to the Fundies and tell them to focus on their own damned families. (Source: Colorado Springs Gazette)(5)

Is it just me, or do you smell the turd more than the blossom when Krazy Uncle Karl is around? (Source: Its My Right To Be Left of the Center)(6)

Admit it, you always thought Wikipedia was part of the evil empire, anyway! There’s word that things are gettin’ a little crazy (and paranoid) in the underworld. (Source: Signs Of The Times)(7)

In this country, we supposedly have the best health care in the world, yet more than 40 million Americans cannot afford to take advantage of it. (Source: Signs Of The Times)(8)

Want some good advice? Choose your battles wisely. It will help make you more successful in the battles you choose to fight and it will help avoid burn-out. (Source: Sirens Chronicles)(9)

GWB proves once again that he’s all about the unconditional love. No matter how bad you screw up in the Bush administration, GWB will always have a place for you. (Source: skippy the bush kangaroo)(10)

Wow! That was fun. We should do this again, tomorrow!

Make it a great day!

(Originally posted: Dizzy Dayz)

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