The Neo-Con Foreign Policy of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Yet Again: Why We Must Impeach Bush and Cheney A Time for Humble Pie On Tuesday, President Bush reported to the nation and the world that a recent National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) concluded that four years ago Iran had stopped its covert program aimed at developing nuclear weapons. To many … Continue reading

Ten Post Round-Up: I Ran

For approximately 3 minutes, I had the misfortune of seeing GWB on my television, yesterday (my son turned on the boob tube and there was America’s own personal boob…). I changed the channel almost immediately as I heard a reporter ask him about whether or not the NIE and GWB’s … Continue reading

Commander Guy Lies Again…

This Bush routine is getting so old. Honestly, he needs some new schtick because the American public is so done with his fear mongering and lies: President Bush warned today that Iran remained a threat despite an intelligence assessment that it had halted a covert program to develop nuclear weapons … Continue reading