Campaign Volunteer Stupidity

The latest news in the primary wars is causing a firestorm in the blogosphere and it’s a sad example of how an overzealous campaign volunteer can be over the top in pushing their candidate using right wing talking points. Yup… It does happen…

The infamous Obama-is-a-secret Muslim smear (repeatedly shown to be false) has been winging around the internet via an email forward since late December last year. As I documented for the Nation, it’s a permutation of a charge first leveled by a fringe figure in Illinois, but has since been forwarded around by ordinary people either out of ignorance, credulousness or malice. We now have the first example of the smear being forwarded by a someone tied to a rival campaign. Yesterday, Gary Hart, the Jones County Chair of the Democratic party in Iowa (and a Dodd supporter) wrote a diary on DailyKos saying he’d been forwarded the infamous email by an unnamed “Clinton county chair.”

In a comment posted in response, the Clinton campaign’s Internet Director Peter Daou, posted a statement from the campaign confirming that the email had indeed been forwarded by a “volunteer county coordinator,” but said it was “wholly unauthorized” and that the campaign was “unaware of it.”

“We are asking this volunteer county coordinator to step down,” the statement continued “and are making it clear to every person involved in our campaign that this will not be tolerated.”

Politico has a copy of the email in question that the Clinton volunteer circulated. The claim is that a staff member did know about the email. I honestly find it hard to believe that a staff member might have known and not reported to a higher up and also told the volunteer to cease circulating the smear. Spreading crap like this helps no one.  

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2 Responses to Campaign Volunteer Stupidity

  1. Like you I can’t believe any staffer would knowingly allow this type of stupidity if they have reached the level of serving on a PRESIDENTIAL campaign.

    I mean, hell, I’ve been in this game either as ground organizer, comm dir and other things AND volunteer more times than I can count. I would dearly love to get on a Presidential campaign in a position of significance. Would a pres. staffer screw the pooch that bad?

    Nah, this whole idea is a joke.

  2. Darrell Prows says:

    So Obama is a Muslim. Big deal! At least he’s not a Mormon.
    (Just kidding.)