Ten Post Round-Up: I Ran

For approximately 3 minutes, I had the misfortune of seeing GWB on my television, yesterday (my son turned on the boob tube and there was America’s own personal boob…). I changed the channel almost immediately as I heard a reporter ask him about whether or not the NIE and GWB’s threats to Iran would hurt US credibility in the world community and suddenly I was thinking that Miss Teen South Carolina would make a better president

So much talk about Iran in the news, I have very little trouble coming up with this particularly annoying attitude adjustment for you, but I couldn’t help myself–A Flock Of Seagulls: I Ran

Senator Joe Biden is just now coming to the realization that GWB is “one of the most incompetent presidents in modern American history”? I guess he doesn’t read blogs…(Source: CNN.com)(1)

Well, I hope your papers and personal effects are in order, just in case you make a disappearing act, courtesy of GWB and his pals! (Source: Crooks and Liars)(2)

Whenever something doesn’t go the way GWB wants, his cronies cry “conspiracy”. Imagine, a government agency reports the truth, the news media pick up on it, of course, it’s bad news for TPTB, so of course, it’s a conspiracy to embarrass the president. As the kids would say, “wev”. (Source: Crooks and Liars)(3)

In case you forgot about The Jena 6, it looks like Mychal Bell decided to plead guilty to battery. There are other stipulations to his plea, but at least he’ll do his time as a juvenile and not as an adult, which is how he was originally charged. (Source: Its My Right To Be Left Of The Center)(4)

OK, I hate to say it, but this is one time when I don’t blame Darth Cheney for choosing the hunting gear over the monkey suit! (Source: The Huffington Post)(5)

Another post about Podhoretz crying over the spilled milk known as the Iran National Intelligence Estimate. I guess if me and my friends were caught in a lie, I’d be screaming “conspiracy”, too. (Source: Shakesville)(6)

In Bush Country, a science teacher has been fired from the Texas Education Agency because she believes in evolution. (Source: Shakesville)(7)

Don’t be fooled, GWB has no intention of letting Iran off the hook for WW3, just because the latest NIE says that we should. (Source: Signs Of The Times)(8)

Huckabee has been spending so much time on his presidential campaign that he has not had time to catch up on current events. One of his staffers probably deleted the email about the Iran NIE. (Source: Think Progress)(9)

And, more proof that GWB is so good at “playing” dumb. Word is that GWB was informing his friends in Israel about the NIE two days BEFORE he claims to have been briefed on it. So, either GWB has phenomenal psychic powers or he is lying. I’ll let you decide that one for yourself. (Source: Think Progress)(10)

So many posts, not even space on my desk to bang my head.

I gotta run, but don’t you forget…Make It A Great Day!

(Originally posted: Dizzy Dayz)

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