Mitt’s Big Faith Speech

Everyone’s talking about Mitt Romney’s big “faith” speech today. You know, the one where he talked about how he won’t let the Mormon Church dictate how he runs the country, if elected president.

What Romney did manage to do however, was throw the red meat to the hungry lions of the religions right and “call for a robust role for religion in public life.”

I will take care to separate the affairs of government from any religion, but I will not separate us from the God who gave us liberty,” he said, drawing applause from an audience of about 300 invited guests, including supporters and religious leaders. “Nor would I separate us from our religious heritage.”

The theme appeared calculated to resonate with conservative evangelical Christians. While many in that group consider Mormonism to be heretical, they also believe that the country was founded as a “Christian nation” and have expressed mounting alarm over efforts to enforce the separation of church and state by removing expressions of faith from the public square.

In the lead up to Romney’s speech, it was suggested that was going to “pull a JFK,” but Romney’s address “differed significantly from that signal moment in recent history, which historians say was a turning point in the 1960 election.”

For one thing, Kennedy later took questions hurled at him from the ministers, many of them hostile, while Mr. Romney spoke before a friendly audience whose front row included four of his five sons and his wife, Ann, as well as many people affiliated with the campaign.

Romney is of course running scared these days, as Huckabee climbs in the polls, with the help, (as I noted in my previous post) he claims of “God.” Now that the big speech has been delievered it will be interesting to see if Mitt gains a jump in the polls. I doubt it. Conservative Christian’s have a downright distaste for Mormonism. There’s probably nothing Romney can ever say to change that.

So what did Romney leave out of his speech today? Ramesh Ponnuru on The Corner says, “It would have been nice if Romney, while making room for people of all faiths in this country, could have also made some room for people with none.” I agree.

Who loved Mitt’s speech? Well, it seems Hugh Hewitt thought it was “simply magnificent.”

Mitt Romney’s “Faith in America” speech was simply magnificent, and anyone who denies it is not to be trusted as an analyst.  On every level it was a masterpiece.

Memeorandum has all the buzz.

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2 Responses to Mitt’s Big Faith Speech

  1. It is a disgrace that presidential candidates now have to undergo faith based scrutiny to win. What has happened to the cherrished principle of the seperation of church and state? The right wing evangelics have wrecked our entire political process.
    Their religious furfor has caused AIDS funding to be cut due to their insistance that family planning must be incorporated. Church groups receive millions of dollars from Christian fundamentalists (the Republican core) to promote absistence only. Under President Bush (aka “The Decider’) evangelics have blocked the teaching of evolution, obstructed needed stem cell research, and have actually declared that Bush’s election (theft) was ordained by God.
    Some may argue that Jimmy Carter was a weak President. Although he himself was a Baptist minister, he possesed a fervent commitment to the seperation of church and state! In his eloquent book, “Our Endangered Values” he shows that he abhores the concept of partisan church congregations getting involved in partisan politics. When taking the oath or office the President swears to, “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States”, not the King James version of the Bible. In his book Carter states, “I was careful to seperate my official status as president from the private worship habits of my family,”
    A good president should be aware that he has been elected to serve ALL the people. He must have an inclusive mind set in knowing that he is the president of ALL Americans. (Jews, Muslims, Christians, blacks, whites, Mormons, straights and gays) President Carter accurately stated that,” Republicans have transformed their party into a political arm of the Conservative Christians.” Wake up America or our cherrished democracy will soon become a theocracy!!! Buzz

  2. john stone says:

    Some great men have come from Massachusetts,
    John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Ted Kennedy and of course
    John Kerry. Then there is Andrew Card and of course babling Mitt.
    I don’t know if Andrew Card and Mitt Romney originaly come from Massachusetts, but they live there now and embarass the people there.
    I don’t even live in Massachusetts, I live in Iowa and they embarass me.