Romney, Tancredo & Hunter: The GOP Midgets

As I see it, the big Romney “I got religion, who could ask for anything more” speech is a clear sign that he has entered the phase of the campaign where he can now be ranked with the bottom dwellers. He has a weakness and he accentuated that. He has no clear and compelling strength so it looks all down hill for him to me.

My personal reason for disliking Mitt as a candidate stems from his handling of the Olympics. As a Salt Lake City resident, and having observed the Mormon Church from both the inside, and as far from that as you can get and still be in Utah, I don’t call the 2002 event the Salt Lake Olympics, or even the Romney Olympics. The only name that fits for me is “The Mormon Olympics”, and not solely because they imposed the most subdued atmosphere imaginable on what is typically billed as one of the great parties in the world.

I realize that if the original organizers had not been side tracked fighting the feds on criminal changes that they eventually beat, they would have been the ones to hand “The Church” the all time great advertising coup instead of Mitt. But when it became time to appoint their replacement, no effort was made to find the person best suited for the job. The entire focus was on finding the Mormon best suited for the job, and Romney acquitted himself in such a way as to make it possible to argue that the job search was a success.

As I understand it, the church agreed to accept $1.00 as rental for the land that the medals ceremonies were held on. The value to having the Mormon Temple highlighted constantly to a billion or so viewers, however, was so great that not a cent needed to be paid, and a fee equal to the entire cost of staging the event likely could have been charged. And if it could have been charged, then it should have been. And would have been if the head of the Olympic organizing effort were not the best Mormon that could have been hand picked for the job.

As for the other two midgets, Tancredo and Hunter, they represent the future direction of the Republican Party, and are the reason that Big Business is making a last gasp desperate effort to do as much government influencing as possible before the Republican Party loses its final vestiges of power in Washington. But the rest of the story is not only that the Democratic Party takeover is being fuel by big business dollars, but also that these dollars don’t have any place else to go anymore.

Listening to Glen Beck Sunday evening (now the second highest rated show on Radio I believe), I heard him make the standard phony right wing “appeal to reason and non partisan approach to public affairs”. In going down the routine laundry list of things that “unite us”, he highlighted the fact that the main reason we should all follow wingnut lead is because we are all Americans and the rest of the planet is not. Current Conservative Dogma, then, positions this country against the entire rest of the planet (though I suppose that a minor exception can be made for societies composed mainly of English speaking peoples descended from European ancestors).

While this is an essential center piece of any call to arms directed at the far right that makes up nearly the entirety of the current Republican base, it’s easy to understand why business can’t put enough public distance between itself and these fools. Because of this, business now looks at 2008 as not only the last year of the term of an administration that is a wholly owned subsidiary, but also the last time for the foreseeable future that business can align itself with the so called “Party of Business”. Tancredo, Hunter, (all the rest of the crop but Paul to a lesser extent), and their philosophical brethren have now officially gone so extreme that anyone wanting to do major business around the planet has no choice but to distance themselves (and their campaign contributions) as far as possible from all things Republican.

The importance of this recognition is the fact that Democrats do not have to sell out in order to get business firmly in their financial corner. Even if the only thing that The Democratic Party is willing to offer is a level playing field and a non hostile approach to the planet, business has no place else to go. The left has now become the only game in town, and that’s really all it ever needs to be.

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