Rumor Mill: Ron Paul Looking To “Shock The World” In The New Hampshire Primary

The Ron Paul buzz continues with rumors abounding, as Green Mountain Politics reports:

Here we go again with unnamed sources, unattributed quotes and pure gossip.

So cue the sighs in Concord.

But we’ve heard from two New Hampshire sources that senior staff on Team Paul are giddily telling Granite State activists that Paul will “shock the world” on January 8th in New Hampshire.

As in Team Paul thinks everyone is about to see some seriously positive Paul movement here.

Of course, wishing doesn’t make it so. But…

Don’t look now, but Ron Paul supporters should be showing up here to claim that Paul WILL shock the world in New Hampshire, as soon as this is posted. Ron Paul supporters online are a bit like flies on honey… Put it out there and they show up. Time will tell if Paul will pull off a New Hampshire surprise.

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