Ten Post Round-Up: Living In Denial

Still a lot of chatter about Iran and the implications of the NIE and yet, the world still turns and every day life still goes on, as if in denial.

I have work, tonight. As my business is mostly hosting karaoke, one of my main chores is finding music that people want to sing, whether they realize it or not. It’s actually a lot of fun because I come across songs I didn’t realize that I wanted to sing, such as this gem from 1986, from the soundtrack for the movie, Running Scared: Michael McDonald- Sweet Freedom. That ditty was what we used to call, “the jam,” back in the day.

Now on to more depressing things…

Where is the love, folks? I guess only released convicts, and not just rapists are the only ones who “heart” Huckabee, these days…(Source: AMERICAblog.com)(1)

Whoop, there it is! The radical right is lettin’ their freak flag fly. Unfortunately, it looks a lot like the Confederate flag and it’s got a knot-so-nifty accessory to dress it up all ‘purty like’…(Source: Bring It On!)(2)

Would he lie to you?  O’Lie-lly believes that Iran is still a threat and anyone who doesn’t think that’s true is a dirty &%$#ing hippie…so there! (Source: Crooks and Liars)(3)

What’s up? Interesting question…What if the NIE is just the appetizer that allows the crooks cooks in Washington to lower the bar and then flip the script on Iran? (Source: The Huffington Post)(4)

Trolls, beware! Nothing is anonymous on the interweb! (Source: One Pissed Off Veteran)(5)

This is how a heart breaks! Is it just me or has this NIE business turned GWB and friends into a bunch of widdle cry-babies? (Source: Signs of the Times)(6)

One thing leads to another…Abstinence education becomes the norm, teen pregnancies go up. Coincidence? (Source: Signs of the Times)(7)

Too legit to quit? Maybe the release of the Iran NIE is part of a plot to undermine Bushliburton…hmmm? (Source: skippy the bush kangaroo)(8)

Just another day…just another Republican sex scandal! (Source: skippy the bush kangaroo)(9)

Ever changing times! Homeschooled athlete up for Heisman! (Source: USA Daily)(10)

Phew! It’s almost time for me to get a new desk. I’m running out of room for new head dents! Thank goodness, it’s Thursday. I get to drown my sorrows in a little song and dance. I actually get a lot of joy out of being a source of escapism for the troops in my area. They live the reality of Bushliburton policies more than most and it is my pleasure to bring them a little piece of denial, every week.

Until tomorrow then? Make it a Great Day!

(Originally posted: Dizzy Dayz)

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