Wes Clark’s New Clinton Ad Running in Iowa

The Clinton campaign released a new ad in Iowa on Wednesday featuring Wes Clark. The Clinton camp notes in the ad, “General Clark dismisses the recent attacks against Hillary Clinton as “politics” and says he trusts her to deal with the many challenges that America faces around the world.”

“I’ve known Hillary Clinton for twenty-four years.  I know she has what it takes to end the war in Iraq, avert war with Iran, and restore our country’s standing in the world,” General Clark says in the thirty-second ad.


The latest Zogby poll for Iowa shows Clinton leads the race with “27%, followed closely by Barack Obama of Illinois at 24% and John Edwards of North Carolina with 21%.”

There has been very little movement in the Democratic race here since last month, as the front–runners essentially stood still and two lower–tier candidates – Senator Joe Biden of Delaware and Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio – gained two points each.

And as Clinton maintains a margin in Iowa, the Des Moines Register notes that Barack Obama was on the stump using a well known talking point about her:

Barack Obama said Tuesday that Hillary Clinton’s high negative poll ratings would make her unable to win a mandate for change, should she win the general election next year.

The Illinois senator said Clinton, the party’s national front-runner, would not bring as many Republicans and independent voters to the Democratic ticket as he would because a higher percentage of Americans view Clinton negatively.

“I believe that I can much more effectively attract new voters, and Republicans that have been disillusioned with the other side, and independents who are trying to find a political home, and potentially create a working majority for change,” Obama told Des Moines Register editors and reporters.

“Now what we know is that that will not happen with Senator Clinton. That’s guaranteed,” he added.

I guess it’s not enough that the right wing says this stuff about one of our candidates, we need our own to reinforce it. Way to go Obama. Keep talking…

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