“Dear Mr. President”

I admit to being a boomer in denial about new music. Seems about the time my youngest moved out, I lost track of anything new from the younger generations. Fortunately, Elmer forwarded the link to this performance by Pink at You Tube:

Being a gifted songwriter and performer himself, especially in the area of protest songs, I was intrigued by his comment that he had been blown away and happy to see the younger generation singing out.

It’s a powerful song – all the more so because of the degree of audience interaction. Have some tissues ready. For all it’s sorrow, it gave me hope. The Boomers cannot do anything about this mess without the younger generations. We have to pull together. Music is one of the great uniters.

The video by ferrisstateguy has an excellent picture montage to accompany the song.

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One Response to “Dear Mr. President”

  1. This performance by Pink says it al!!! George W. Bush’s legacy will be one of pain and sorrow. The man does not possess one ounce of compassion. This song should become the national anthem for the Democratic Party. The Decider will go down in history as one of the worst, if not the worst, executive. The saddest thing is that he has gotten a free ride for almost eight years. Neither the GOP, the Democrats, Congress, the courts, the public at large, nor the media have held him accountable. And, just think we almost impeached President Clinton for a “blow job” while we have actually permitted “The Decider” to screw us all!!!! Buzz