Obama Strikes Again and Even The BlogFather Has A Problem

From Jerome Armstrong at MyDD:

Obama attacking Paul Krugman’s credibility

Every 4 years in December, Robert Gibbs, Obama’s communications director, seems to morph into some sort of a zombie that turns on progressives… or maybe he’s always that way. During the last Presidential cycle at this time, Robert Gibbs was the face and spokesperson for the front group that attacked Howard Dean in Iowa with one of the most dispicable TV ads of our times. This cycle, he’s out trashing the credibility of Paul Krugman on behalf of Barack Obama.

But it’s not right to pinpoint Gibbs as the disaster behind this attack on Krugman’s credibility. The fault is with Obama. It’s obvious that Obama feels comfortable attempting to trash the credibility of progressives like Krugman. It’s even more disturbing when coupled with the admiration that Obama holds for Republicans in his post-partisan quest. But this is just plain stupid.

“I want to campaign the same way I govern, which is to respond directly and forcefully with the truth -Barack Obama”. It is plainly and simply an effort to call Paul Krugman a liar.

But it’s also a telling quote of the way that Obama would govern as President– by attacking those who are most outspoken in the being progressive. [emphasis mine]

This is a helluva statement coming from Jerome Armstrong, the Blogfather of progressive political blogging. Jerome doesn’t just write bullshit. Read the entire story. He’s earned our attention.

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One Response to Obama Strikes Again and Even The BlogFather Has A Problem

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    Well Obama has clearly shown that he won’t take any crap frpm a mere newspaper guy. I just wish that he were in the right with the substance of his position and Krugman wrong. I’m not worried that Obama would make a horrible President, or that he will even be given a chance to try, but he does seem to be the worst of the Dems on health care. And for exactly the reasons cited by Krugman.

    On the other hand maybe he figures that because his plan does the least good it will have the best chance of passing. Trouble is that his plan has so much “Republican” in it that it might actual cause harm.