Morning In America: The New N.I.E.

A cloud the size and color of night has just been lifted by the new NIE, and the one that I’m referring to is not the same one commonly being celebrated. Don’t get me wrong. The fact that there is now virtually zero chance of a U.S. direct military attack on Iranian soil is tremendously gratifying. However, the improvement in the big picture far exceeds that alone.

The extreme pessimism in so many on the political left has been something that I’ve not really shared in, but, at the same time has been impossible to completely discount. There was an Executive Order, or some such, one strained interpretation of which was that BUSHCO was setting itself up for an unfriendly takeover. And to hell with Iran, under this version of events it would be the United States that would have legitimate government suspended under, I suppose, a Declaration of National Emergency. The details in this particular urban myth are a bit murky but the end result is clearly that there would be no Presidential election actually allowed to be held in 2008, and no changing of Administrations in 2009. Orderly succession of leadership in this country would be lost, and the dictatorship that would replace it would, presumably, be designed to extend in perpetuity.

One of the reasonable ways of reading events surrounding what can only be called an unauthorized release of the latest NIE is that power at the top of the U.S. government is now no longer monolithic. Not that it necessarily ever was, because my own firm belief was and is that our tradition of freedom is so firmly rooted that we are just not susceptible to the sorts of petty power plays that plague so many other supposedly democratic countries. But, be that as it may, dissent over neo con attitudes of our inalienable right to force the world into our sphere of influence and domination obviously flourishes in areas of government where tradition dictates that it should still exist.

I look at this as a virtual shot across the bow of the good ship BUSHCO. A declaration of independence from concern over the future course of where it might want to try to drag this nation kicking and screaming in ineffectual resistance. A statement that it is all over for a lame duck administration, and that it may plot and plan if it will, but the resources required for a nefarious usurpation of power will simply not be available to answer to such a call.

A lot to read into a single act, I admit, but what assault on a President with his head so far up Cheney’s butt that he believes he can hear adoring masses cheering our triumphant defeat of the Iranian Satan could be better aimed at forcing a hard and sobering reality check? The gauntlet has now been thrown down by a contingent of exactly the forces that would be needed to subjugate this nation, and the message could not have been more clearly communicated that we are on the only track possible, short of impeachment, for bringing this widely acknowledged insanity to its last gasp conclusion.

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2 Responses to Morning In America: The New N.I.E.

  1. Ginny in CO says:

    I’ve been in that not quite able to discount the possiblilty boat too. This is a good sign. Another is that the group pushing a ballot measure in California that would assign the state’s electoral votes according to the winner in each Congressional district – making it much more difficult for a Democrat to win since we usually take California’s big 55 votes- has given up.

    Because they can’t raise enough money. 😆

    My concern was not that the election would be suspended but that California would be the next state to hand the presidency to a Republican. At which point, some serious civil disobedience might start, add a faked terrorist attack, and all the potential controls could be started. Maybe enough of the GOP folks with deep pockets are getting nervous. Must have something to do with money.

    So now I would love to see anything that will allow me to stop worrying about how bad the recession is going to be. Or, how long this depression will last, given the economic state of the nation and citizens.

    Meanwhile, there’s a certain fascination watching George squirm his way through the press questions and insist that the report tells him Iran is still a threat.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if George could learn ONE new word before his term is over? DIPLOMACY. Maybe I will send that to Laura. She could be having nightmares about her post WH life.

  2. Darrell Prows says:

    Ginny: I see a Republican retreat/defeat on many different fronts, and think that about half of their problems can be traced to BUSHCO, and about half to their evangelicals. Big business is cutting ties because they won’t let themselves be cut off from the profit potential of the reat of the world, and the Democrats are the only game left. That’s clearly both a blessing and a curse for the left.