Ten Post Round-Up: Multiple Choice Sunday

I hope ya’ll will forgive me for not posting over the last couple of days. Just trying to prioritize sleep into my busy schedule since I don’t have SSG Dizzy to boss around, these days, and I am in the precarious position of doing everything by myself.

Besides, aside from enjoying my work, I have been enjoying the substantial snowfall. Okay, so I’m not looking forward to sweeping the snow off of the Dizzy-mobile or shoveling the walk. But, I am also not looking forward to a likely drought that will happen if we don’t get a lot more moisture this Winter.

I’d sooner prey on a box of chocolates than pray for snow or rain, but if you must do a rain dance, why not try shaking a tailfeather to this little ditty: Chris Brown–THIS CHRISTMAS

I’m turning the Round-Up into a multiple choice quiz for a few days. Let’s see how well you can answer these ten random Round-Up questions.

1) GWB looks very “presidential” when he:

a) Threatens the “Axis of Evil”.
b) Answers questions at press conferences.
c) Threatens the Democrats to veto legislation that he hasn’t even read.

2) If you find a lost wallet, you should:

a) Open it to find out whom it belongs to, attempt to contact the owner, personally.
b) Immediately hand the wallet to the nearest police officer.
c) Leave it and walk away immediately, lest you be charged with a crime, whether one was committed or not!

3) Why aren’t audiences flocking to see “The Golden Compass”?

a) Because Tom Cruise’s ex-wife is in it.
b) Because “James Bond” is in it.
c) Because the Fundies told them not to.

4) Why is this homeschooled jock smiling?

a) Because Dizzy linked to a post about him in a Ten Post Round-Up.
b) He’s trying to prove he’s got good socialization skills.
c) He’s the first underclassman to ever walk away with the Heisman Trophy.

5) Fundies heart Huckabee because:

a) He hearts convicted rapists.
b) He hearts Jesus.
c) He hearts the idea of quarantining teh gays.

6) What is a Jesusistani?

a) An individual who loves the baby Jesus more than you.
b) An individual who believes that Jesus supports their owning a Hummer more than he supports you helping the poor.
c) An individual who believes that the Republican party will help bring heathens to their knees.

7) Why was there a run on gas in Wisconsin, last week?

a) Because there was a severe gas shortage.
b) Because the local Shell station was feeling very generous.
c) Because some moron set the price at 33 cents instead of at $3.33.

8) You should stock up on chocolate right now, because:

a) One can never have enough chocolate.
b) Chocolate will soon be in short supply.
c) The price of chocolate will soon sky-rocket thanks to a strike in the world’s cocoa capital.

9) If you live on the southern border of the United States, you should be concerned because:

a) The brown people on the other side of the border want to take your jobs.
b) Huckabee hearts you.
c) GWB wants to take your property if you don’t want to use it to keep brown people from crossing the border.

10) Freedom’ Watch is ecstatic, today, because:

a) They handed MoveOn.org a big can of whoop-ass.
b) They proved that liberals are bunch of dirty &%$#ing hippies.
c) NBC agreed to do their bidding.

How did you do? Do you feel enlightened? I’ll bet you feel a whole lot smarter than a 5th grader!

Now is a good time to go rest your brain over another hot cuppa. I’m going to sit and watch the snow continue to fall.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more questions to help your head become acquainted with the proverbial brick wall. Until then, take it easy and make it a great day.

(Originally posted: Dizzy Dayz)

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