Ten Post Round-Up: Multiple Choice Monday

Sometimes the weekend seems so long and yet, not long enough. It’s back to the old grindstone for many of you, so I hope you got your morning cuppa cuz I got a Ten Post Round-Up for you.

Before we begin, how about a holiday attitude adjustment? Il Divo Christmas-Mania

Still hosting the Round-Up as a multiple choice quiz for a few days. Let’s see how well you can answer these ten random Round-Up questions.

1) Rudy G is in trouble because:

a) Everyone is sick of hearing about how he’s “Mr. 9/11”.
b) He’s likely got ties to “al-Qaida”…you know, the group that helped make him “Mr. 9/11”.
c) Mrs. Rudy G. may not like the idea of a Ms. Rudy’s Mistress gettin’ the presidential treat, if ya know what I mean.

2) White House Press Secretary, so easy:

a) A caveman can do it.
b) A 5th grader could do it.
c) An ignorant Bushie could do it.

3) Osama bin laden should call the White House:

a) Because it’s important to open a dialogue with our enemies to find resolution.
b) Because Pakistan is not returning his calls.
c) Because maybe then they could find him and apprehend him after all these years.

4) It’s probably a bad idea to play dead:

a) If you can’t hold your breath, forever.
b) If you don’t have enough money to disappear on.
c) If you have to include your family in your screwy plan.

5) Crowds are flocking to Obama campaign events, because:

a) Oprah declared that he is one of her “Favorite Things”.
b) Obama is Da’ Man.
c) Oprah told ’em to.

6) British soldiers are excited this Christmas, because:

a) They won the war on terror.
b) Soon they will be losing their space in the “Coalition of the Willing”.
c) Their prime minister announced that they may all be home from Iraq, in March.

7) The Republican candidates were on Hispanic television, yesterday:

a) Explaining how they don’t mind illegal immigrants working on their landscapes, so long as they don’t take anybody else’s job.
b) Explaining how much they love “legal immigrants” versus “illegal immigrants”.
c) Tap dancing.

8) When CIA Director Michael Hayden testifies before Congress about the destruction of those interrogation tapes:

a) He will blame former President Bill Clinton.
b) He will blame it on the bloggers.
c) He will develop GAS: Gonzalez Amnesia Syndrome.

9) In India, it is now illegal to:

a) Step on Superman’s cape.
b) Spit into the wind.
c) Neglect your elderly parents.

10) Gordon Brown may lose the “war on terror”, because:

a) He may be bringing British troops home early next year.
b) The Brits learned their lesson after the American Revolutionary War.
c) The head of MI5 refuses to support Brown’s latest anti-terror plans.

How did you do? I’ll bet you think your so smart, dontcha?

Class is dismissed until tomorrow. Please watch your head, in the meantime. There is some aspirin in the cupboard. Help yourself.

Until then, take it easy and make it a great day.

(Originally posted: Dizzy Dayz)

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