Ten Post Round-Up: Jeopardy Edition

I got a beef with Mother Nature, today. Lots’o snow, lots’o cold and a whole lotta icy on the streets. I got things to do today, ya know. I do have a life outside of the blogosphere.

Speaking of blogging, I guess while I wait for the temperature to get about 15 degrees, I’ll just have to take care of the Ten Post Round-Up. BTW, the Round-Up is going to be in “Jeopardy” format, today in honor of Alex Trebek who is in the hospital following a minor heart attack.

If you aren’t sure how to play along the rules are simple: pick a category, receive the answer, provide the question. That’s it. OK, so I’m leaving out the part where you pick a winning bid or where you wager your last potential winning dollar. Come on, this is a blog post, not a lottery, people! Stay with me here!

Of course, to kick things off, I can’t resist posting this classic video in honor of the game show: Weird Al Yankovic – I Lost On Jeopardy

“This Is Ten-Post Round-Up Jeopardy!”

1) The category: Health Insurance, The clue: Government-provided coverage.

The answer: Why is Vice President Dick Cheney still alive and kicking?

2) The category: Famous Last Words, The clue: “Nobody’s going to find some YouTube moments of me saying something radically different than what I’m saying today.”.

The answer: Why does the “liberal media” heart Mike Huckabee?

3) The category: Culture of Life, The clue: Every ovum has constitutional rights..

The answer: What will happen if anti-abortionists have their way in Colorado, Georgia, Michigan, Mississippi and Oregon?

4) The category: War on Christmas, The clue: Congress has nothing better to do.

The answer: Why is the House of Representatives voting on Rep. Steve King’s pro-Christmas/pro-Christian resolution, today?

5) The category: Oprah’s Favorite Things, The clue: As a fence-sitter, he truly has audacity..

The answer: Who is Sen. Barack Obama?

6) The category: Christmas Toys, The clue: Talking Jesus doll.

The answer: What popular toy is selling out faster than a Christian televangelist?

7) The category: Holiday History, The clue: The original anti-Christmas warriors.

The answer: Who were the “spiritual forebears” of the Religious Right?

8.) The category: Christmas Present, The clue: Carjackers, drug dealers, moonshiners and a fraud.

The answer: Who got Scooter’s presidential pardon?

9) The category: World Wide Web, The clue: Shopping on the internets is less stressful.

The answer: Why is mall traffic down this holiday?

10) The category: Space Case, The clue: This planet may have been home to a hot spring, a likely spa for microbial Martians..

The answer: What is Mars?

How did you do? I’ll bet Ken Jennings would be so proud of you.

Speaking of proud, Lil’ Dizzy is having her 6th birthday, today. I’ve got to go put on my apron and bake the birthday girl a cake.

Today, if you can, stay warm and make it a great day.

(Originally posted: Dizzy Dayz)

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