Hillary, Obama, and Mr. Edwards

It’s generally acknowledged that these are the top three Democratic candidates. Accordingly, I took a few minutes yesterday to sort through my thoughts on the front runners.

John Edwards rode the coattails of John Kerry as far as they could carry him. As a result he went into this primary season as a very widely known commodity. And in spite of that it’s now clearly that he just has not been wildly successful at developing a buzz any place other with than a certain limited subset of party regulars. Would he make a decent President? Sure, they all would. Will he get the chance to run? It just seems unlikely, and, like most folks, that doesn’t really bother me.

Hillary largely disappoints. As a team, the Senator and her Mister would be a Presidential super bonanza. The current shape of things, though, seems to be Bill largely sitting on the bench, and Hillary calling the plays. There should have been a real opportunity here to do some amazingly creative campaigning, but what has materialized has, to my eyes, been pretty mundane. I mean it’s possible that even GWB has made more effective use of the Prez than his own wife has to date, and I never would have believed that Little Georgie would be better than The Big Woman at anything. Without really getting the full package, the Clinton candidacy just doesn’t move me to the degree that I was prepared to be moved.

So that leaves the wonder kid. Precocious, ambitious, and error prone! But I get the feel from him that he’s going to have the best Teflon covering against right wing sludge of any of the bunch. I understand that that’s not a huge endorsement, but the importance of this can’t be overlooked. I see Obama doing better than his competitors on the same stage with any of the Republicans, and that is enough to swing me into his column. He has the ability to smile and abstractly inspire his way to the Whitehouse, and that looks like as good as we’re going to get this time around.

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5 Responses to Hillary, Obama, and Mr. Edwards

  1. Darrell

    Ran across this post on Talking Points Memo that sums up some of the questions I have about Obama:
    Obama Talks the Talk, But Where’s the Walk?

  2. Darrell Prows says:

    Pamela: I won’t presume to be able to defend Obama in where he has been or what he has done. Nor, really, would I want to be able to. But that’s also where I come down with all of the Dems this time. I’ve put them all on the stage, in my mind, with the Rep in the General, knowing what kind of sludge the wingnuts are going to be circulating in the society at the time, and I see Obama as having more “teflon”. I wish I could make it go deeper than that, but that’s just where I landed. I’ve tried and tried and tried to come down on Hillary but it just hasn’t happened so far.

  3. Bob Henry says:

    If you really want the Democrats to win, Clinton or Obama best not be who you are voting for. John Edwards is the only one who can beat the Republicans in November. Anyone who really thinks that either Hillary or Barack can win in the general election are only fooling themselves. The Democrats nominated the wrong man the last time. Had they nominated John Edwards the last time we wouldn’t have had to put up with four more years of this administrations lies and deceat. This country is so bad off now with this administration. Clinton and Obama are voting to extend the law allowing this administration to continue to spy on Americans next week. WAKE UP people they are not for the common person in this country. Hillary will keep things going as they are now. Obama will continue his civil rights route, he is even making sure he talks about Martin L. King in all his speeches now. Why do you all think Oprah is for him and not Edwards. Edwards was the candidate of HOPE long before Obama. He was the canddiate of change long before Obama. Now all of a sudden because Obama happens to be a good speaker she throws her support to him. Not to sound racial but I really do not think when it comes right down to it that this country will actually vote for a black man for President, even if he is half white. Again, the only one who can win in the general election is JOHN EDWARDS.

  4. on a search to see why Kerry has NOT endorsed Edwards, i came across this.
    Obama or 3rd party for me!
    i also found an interesting bit, the NYT endorsement of Kerry 04 – and it posed
    the same stupid argument – about Kerry seemed more experienced, but they
    liked Edwards’ message but he didn’t spend enough time in Washington.
    We see where that led us!

  5. LadyGreenSlippers

    It’s highly doubtful that Kerry will endorse Edwards. Rumor has it he will endorse soon – I’m not sure if the rumor holds weght though.