Ten Post Round-Up: Multiple Choice Thursday

I’ve got work for the next three nights, so I may not be functioning at peak blogging mode for a few days. But, since my job involves music and in light of the fact that Ike Turner (he formerly of Ike & Tina Turner) has passed away I’m offering this video in his honor: River Deep Mountain High – Ike & Tina Turner

Now on to the Ten Post Random Round-Up Quiz.

1) Waterboarding isn’t torture, because:

a) It’s just like surf-boarding.
b) It’s not really painful.
c) The Bush Administration says it ain’t.
2) Samuel Snow was wrongfully convicted by the Army in 1944 and held in prison for 15 months for a crime he had no part of. His conviction was recently overturned and the Army sent him his back pay that he didn’t receive when he was unjustly locked up. After 63 years, how much was the check the Army sent?

a) $725
b) $82,000
c) $7,768.13

3) How many Democrats declared a “War on Christmas,” today?

a) 9
b) 10
c) 1

4) The ACLU is suing the CIA, because:

a) They are Islamofacists.
b) They are dirty @#$%ing hippies.
c) They want to hold the CIA to account for torture despite the loss of the “torture tapes”.

5) GWB was relieved today, because:

a) He finally has a replica of Jesus that can actually talk to him.
b) In about a year, he will be movin’ out.
c) The House finally passed a defense spending bill.

6) Democratic Senators running for president are trying to convince Harry Reid to:

a) Cancel all Senate business until Bushliburton brings the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan.
b) Have himself a merry little Xmas.
c) Take up the surveillance bill that DOES NOT include immunity for the big telecoms.

7) A little town called Potrero gave ________________ the finger. (Fill in the blank)

a) Osama bin Laden
b) The War on Christmas
c) Blackwater

8.) Dennis Kucinich is being banned from the final Iowa debate, because:

a) His wife is too hot for those knuckleheads in Iowa.
b) He tipped too many cows during this last visit.
c) He doesn’t have an office or paid staff working for his campaign in Iowa!
(Comment: The nerve o’ that guy using volunteers! How thoughtless…)

9) The Best Warning Label Evah, is:

a) “Danger: Avoid Death.”
b) “Do not iron while wearing shirt.”
c) “Do not put child in bag.”

10) Did you know that there is another Congressional page scandal going on? Who is involved this time?

a) Mark Foley
b) Larry Craig
c) Just the pages

So many blogs, so little time. Life is calling, so I’m gonna run. Take it easy if you don’t hear from me and, no matter what day it is, make it a great one!


(Originally posted: Dizzy Dayz)

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