Ten Post Round-Up: Fill in The Blanks Sunday

Ah, I have returned to the blogosphere from what is now my regular weekend musical sabbatical and only the Flying Spaghetti Monster knows how much I’ve missed you guys.

The one thing I wish I missed is the fact that, these days, the great outdoors of Colorado has been colder than Condoleeza Rice! I’ll take an order of snow, please hold the wind chill factor!

I’ve been getting such great feedback on my question and answer format that I’m going to hold it over for a little while longer. Today’s multiple choice layout will be “fill in the blanks”. Please try to keep up. I’ll try not to repeat myself.

Before we get started, please direct your attention to today’s musical interlude (please note the “hanky alert” that is now being broadcast): “Little Drummer Boy”, David Bowie and Bing Crosby

Alright then, now we can proceed to today’s Ten Post Round-Up Random Questionnaire. Please feel free to click on any link to verify your answers. If you get any wrong you might want to cut back on the caffeine and maybe get to bed before “Letterman” every once in a while (I’m jus’ sayin’…).

1) Reports are that __________ has already “fixed” the upcoming election.
a) George W Bush
b) General Pervez Musharraf
c) Hillary Clinton

2) The __________ was the precursor to the U.S. Constitution.
a) Military Tribunals Act
b) Bill of Rights
c) Magna Carta
3) In Florida, a 10-year-old girl was arrested on felony charges for __________.
a) Using a steak knife to cut her steak lunch.
b) Making a hit list of students she didn’t like.
c) Threatening a teacher with a gun.

4) Destruction of CIA interrogation videotapes did not violate a court order because the captives in question were being kept in __________ at the time
a) Federal prisons
b) Secret prisons
c) Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

5) According to a federal judge in Vermont, an suspect cannot be compelled to divulge the __________ that is protecting the contents of their hard drive.
a) Log-on password
b) Porn
c) Encryption key

6) In a debate about evolution versus creationism, creationism won because __________.
a) The creationist murdered his opponent.
b) Evolution is just a theory.
c) Creationism is true.

7) FEMA finally placed first in a top ten list of __________.
a) Best government agencies.
b) Public relations blunders.
c) Best news conferences.

8.) The Bush Administration does not want Congress to pursue __________.
a) Impeachment proceedings.
b) An end to the Iraq War.
c) Investigations into the CIA interrogation tapes.

9) Military tribunals are “fair” in the same way that __________ is “balanced”.
a) Fox News
b) The scales of justice
c) A healthy meal

10) If Mike Huckabee were a restaurant, he would be called, __________.
a) McDonald’s, “I’m lovin’ it!”
b) Burger King, “Home of the Whopper”
c) Carl’s Jr., “Don’t bother me, I’m eating.”

How’d you do? Be sure to check your answers against the links provided.

When you are finished, please put down your mouse and enjoy your morning cuppa. There will be another quiz, tomorrow and I don’t want you to overwhelm yourself with too much study. In fact, I highly encourage you to get out and get some fresh air. Go out and make it a great day.

(Originally posted: Dizzy Dayz)

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