Ten Post Round-Up: Multiple Choice Monday

Be aware, there are about 7 shopping days left before the Jolly Fat Dude arrives. I just wanted to remind those of you who act as Santa’s “authorized agent” to get moving. I just got done with my online holiday list (one thing that each family member “really, really, wanted”). I’ll admit it, I am not a fan of the holiday, but I don’t mind using it as an excuse to go shopping (I’m jus’ sayin’…).

Gettin’ the show on the road and continuing the “multiple choice” meme…

We’ll start off with a tribute to one of my ALL TIME favorite singers, who passed away yesterday: Dan Fogelberg. I will confess that a lot of times when I am humming some tune a lot of the time it’s either “Leader of the Band”“Longer” or his rendition of “Rhythm of The Rain”. This time of year, I find myself humming this gem and when “the snow turned into rain” tears well up each and every time.  Sometimes I’ll even break down if I’m alone  (Warning: two hanky alert): Dan Fogelberg – Same Old Lang Syne

Man, that video does absolutely nothing for my sinuses and now I’m going to be stuck humming that song for the next two weeks.

Unfortunately, today’s posts are not going to do much for your mood, either. But, much like our butts need a workout, sometimes, so does the ol’ gray matter. So, let’s get crack-a-lackin’!

1) As if one husband wasn’t enough problems for most women, Eunice Lopez decided that she needed more. How many men did 26-year-old Eunice trick into bigamist bliss?
a) Five
b) Ten
c) Two

2) The French are fighting yet another revolution. What revolution would that be?
a) The Freedom Fries Revolution
b) The Pepsi Revolution
c) The Anti-Radar Revolution

3) Have you “Googled” yourself, today?
a) Meh-Beh!
b) Absolutely!
c) GWB knows more about “the Google” than I do.

4) Former UN ambassador, John Bolton is talking smack about Secretary of State Rice. Why is he getting his mustache crimped?
a) Because he’s a big bad meanie.
b) Because he thinks Rice has too much influence on Bush’s (failed) foreign policy.
c) Because he’s playa hatin’.

5) The US recently put a tourist from Iceland in chains and shackles and refused her contact with the outside world, for a couple of days. What was the justification for such extreme actions?
a) Because Iceland is not a member of the “Coalition of the Willing”.
b) Because the tourist was shown to be a potential suicide bomber.
c) Because, 10 years ago, she over-stayed a travel visa.

6) Telecoms seem desperate to receive immunity from prior bad (illegal) acts. Why do they want the current FISA bill to pass into law?
a) Because the Bush administration asked them to do dirty, rotten, things and they ain’t takin’ the fall for that!
b) Because they kind of like staying in business, except for those pesky consumers who want their damned privacy.
c) Because they didn’t mean to sell out their customers…honest…I swear!

7) The government is trying to quash a high-profile lawsuit against the Department of Veterans Affairs. What excuse do they have, this time, for trying to manipulate another federal judge?
a) They are above the law.
b) Because if Americans get wind of this, it will prove just how much they (don’t) really “support the troops”.
c) Because “activist judges” are only good if they rule in favor of the current administration.

8.) Why is the Bush administration adamant about Congress passing the current FISA legislation?
a) Because GWB and the Telecoms are totally BFFs.
b) Because GWB is “the decider” and he’s decided that Americans are not entitled to privacy in their communications.
c) Because without it, it will be way more difficult to spy on Americans illegally.

9) If you live in Los Angeles, it’s probably a good idea to use bottled water. Why is this?
a) Because two reservoirs were found to have high levels of a chemical that can cause cancer.
b) Because bottled water has magical properties.
c) Because everybody knows that bottled water tastes way better than tap water.

10) Keith Olbermann sat down and did an interview with Bill Moyers. Why should you take 20 minutes out of your day to watch it?
a) Because Olbermann is a Cutie-patootie.
b) Because Olbermann explains the genesis of his “Special Comments” on “Countdown” on MSNBC.
c) Because Bill Moyers is da bomb-diggity.

How’d you do? Don’t forget to check your answers against the links provided.

I’ll bet the ol’ gray matter feels all smart and squishy now. Class is dismissed for the day, so go enjoy your morning cuppa and take some time to go out and make it a great day.

(Originally posted: Dizzy Dayz)

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  1. Virginia Cotts says:

    Hey DD,

    Great round up as ususal. Moyers is a National treasure IMO. Not surprising about Keith.

    BTW. Santa was in Denver today. The reindeer must be on leave, he was on a motorcycle!