North Dakota Bank Tries ‘Pay it Forward’ Initiative

I love to see nice stories in the news. They seem so rare these days.

And with all the stories about the economy, which our Resident claims is in good shape, the fact that a bank would give employees money and ask them to “pay it foward” is really one of those feel good stories, we rarely hear about:

A bank is giving its full-time employees $1,000 each and part-time employees $500 each with one condition — it must be given to people in need.

State Bank & Trust Chief Operating Officer Michael Solberg said the payments are part of a $502,000 “Pay it Forward” initiative.

“We’re going to really see some huge impact on our community,” Solberg said.

Bank employees were “told not to use the money for themselves, their families or families of other bank employees,” but instead they were asked to document their good deeds “with a video camera” and given a deadline of June 30, to “pay it forward.”Employees were told they could choose an “individual cause, pool their money for a larger project or collaborate with donors outside the bank.” The bank has more than 500 employees and is privately owned.

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