This Is Your President, in Denial: ‘Bush Says US Economy Is Safe and Sound’

I swear whenever I hear Bush talking about the economy, I think to myself, this dude is on something. I mean really, like that old anti-drug commercial, “this is your brain, this is your brain on drugs;” I hear Bush speaking about the economy and I think, this is your president, in denial:

President Bush on Monday tried to reassure an edgy public that the economy is “pretty good” despite the dreary mix of a failing housing market, a national credit crunch and surging energy costs.

“There’s definitely some storm clouds and concerns, but the underpinning is good,” Bush said at a Rotary Club meeting, an informal setting chosen to show the president engaged with local communities. “We’ll work our way through this period.”

The nation is in a sour mood this holiday season, with consumer confidence hovering near a two-year low. As a wide-open field of candidates vies to replace Bush in the White House, the economy has zoomed to the forefront of public priorities, often ahead of Iraq.

Bush’s appearance reflects the administration’s push to show that the president is actively trying to solve the problems — and ready as ever to blame Congress for moving too slowly to help him.

“We’ve had a pretty good economic run here in the country,” Bush said, citing high productivity and consistent job growth. As for the collapse of the housing market and the severe credit crunch that threaten to drag the country into a recession, Bush acknowledged “there are some challenges.”

Excuse me???? “Some Challenges?” WTF is he on?

Compounding the insult to injury, Bush insisted that “the most negative thing the Congress can do in the face of some economic uncertainty is to raise taxes on the American people.” Of course he was talking about Congress raising taxes on the rich sector of the American people, you know, the sector of American people who if they did have their taxes raised raised, would be mad as hell because their leader in denial had failed them. Meanwhile let the masses suffer… or eat cake!

Democratic leaders responded to Bush’s performance that he “is in denial.” Yes, my friends, this is your president, in denial:

What world is President Bush living in to be so out of touch with the economic realities families and markets are facing?” said Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer of New York, chairman of Congress’ Joint Economic Committee.

No matter what the debate over economic indicators, many people are enduring financial stress and struggling to pay the mortgage. Alan Greenspan, the respected former chairman of the Federal Reserve, has agreed with other experts who see prospects for a recession at about 50-50.

“Instead of taking action, President Bush says the economy is safe and sound,” said House Democratic Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel. “Middle-class Americans and economic experts all agree on something the president still refuses to admit: the economy is struggling and families need real help.”

The economy is in the toilet. Yes, the toilet. Stocks are tumbling, gas prices are still at a record high, housing woes persist, and the Grinch has stolen Christmas right out from under the retailers this year. Thank the Resident…

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3 Responses to This Is Your President, in Denial: ‘Bush Says US Economy Is Safe and Sound’

  1. Dizzy Dezzi says:

    Right now, I am watching “High Hitler” on History Channel and it’s discussing what might have been the chemical state of Hitler’s mind during the last few years of his reign.

    This combined with your post is making my mind race with the possibilities. More proof that Bush really does live in an impenetrable bubble.

  2. john stone says:

    This the guy that said he was a uniter not a divider, a compasionate conservative, and they we had to have a war with Iraq, because a mushroom cloud was almost inevitable.Now he tells our economy is pretty good shape. Go figure. I think the guy is delusional.

  3. Darrell Prows says:

    Dezzi: A bubble, or the bubbly. I think that the guy fell off of the wagon a while back.