Has America Lost It’s Racism?

Would you, the reader, take the time today to report on an important factor of the American landscape: racism ?

My question: Have we as a people come far enough to elect a mixed race American as President?

Senator Obama and his supporters would say, “Yes, we certainly have!”

Yet, this is not about Senator Obama. This topic is much more important than a candidacy. What you feel on the topic? What have you seen and experienced? It is direct reporting of your experiences that will give everyone the best information.

Have racial divisions and attitudes in this nation significantly changed?

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4 Responses to Has America Lost It’s Racism?

  1. Dizzy Dezzi says:

    As a black woman, I truly wish that I could say that our country has come far enough that racial divisions and attitudes were are thing of the past. Add to that, I’m married to a white guy and have two bi-racial children. But, even now, 50 or so years since the laws against interracial marriage were struck down, despite the increase in such marriages and the offspring these marriages produce, a lot of people, particularly white people, still view my children as a novelty (pat their heads making note of their soft curls as opposed to the nappy hair of their older brother who comes from two black parents, as well making note of how “pretty they are with light skin”). The only difference that I have noticed in my 37 years on this planet, when it comes to racism is that it is more covert than overt. Sure, people are careful not to say “the n-word” in my presense, but when I’ve gone to apply for a job at a predominantly white workplace, I get told that the reason they won’t hire me is because they are afraid I won’t “fit in”, even though I’m totally qualified and so on. Take that for what you will, but when you hear it enough, you can’t help but wonder if it’s not a “black thing”. On the upside, I definitely see things changing for the positive and that things will indeed be better for all my children in regards to racial issues. I just don’t see the American voting for a black president just yet (although I won’t vote for Obama b’cuz his politics and mine aren’t really squared, I would probably do a happy dance if he became the first black president…that’s jus’ not reason enough for me to vote for him…).

  2. Darrell Prows says:

    I think that the true rednecks are as biased as ever, but that they are now a slightly lower percentage of the population than before. Pretty much everyone has a little bit of prejudice, but most of us really are able to overcome it, and do, in most instances.

  3. cadmium says:

    We need a mixed race candidate for president. Another white male when we have this unprecedented talent with Obama or Clinton would make the situation worse.

  4. Linda C says:

    Racism is a critical issue in the upcoming Presidential election. Racism is more prevalent today than in the past. I have yet to hear a candidate make a stand on how they plan to address this issue which is not acceptable. Education in schools and in the home is crucial in teaching racial acceptance and tolerance in children for other children. Funding should be provided to allow this. Children are not born racist. It is something they learn by observing other children and adults.