Ten Post Round-Up: Multiple Choice Wednesday

Today is gearing up to be a busy one for me. I’ve got appointments that will see me clear to bedtime, in preparation for the holiday weekend. And, in turn, this weekend will kick-off the busiest time of year for my business, with several holiday parties planned straight into the middle of next month. As excited as I am about working, I’m still a realist. Thinking about how busy I’m going to be has got me thinking about how many naps I’ll be able to steal to keep up my energy!

Sure, I’m only 37, but I’m feeling old. It’s hard not to feel like your aging when the rock stars of your youth (who became famous when you were young) are now being honored for changing the face of music. I’m feeling a bit nostalgic because I remember exactly where I was the first time I heard about this hot song, “Holiday,” by some spunky ingenue and how much fun it was to scream and sing along with “a little ditty ’bout Jack and Diane” by some guy who looked really good in jeans strumming on his acoustic guitar. And, now both those stars, Madonna and John (Cougar) Mellencamp are about to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

So, here’s your daily musical interlude. Take your pick: Madonna: Holiday and John Mellencamp: Jack & Diane

Being older means working harder to keep the ol’ gray matter from faltering, so let’s get on with today’s Ten Post Random Round-Up Quiz.

1) Speaking of old, John Singleton is bringing “the most famous TV team of the 80s” to the big screen. I can’t help but pity the poor fools who star in the remake of which of these popular 80s shows?

a) The Love Boat
b) The A-Team
c) thirtysomething

2) The FCC just gave Rupert Murdoch an early Christmas present. What did the FCC recently give the man who has everything?

a) Another social networking site a la “MySpace”
b) Another cable channel a la “Faux News”
c) Another chance to take over the lame stream media by allowing him and other moguls to consolidate their media holdings and take over local newspapers, as well as local television stations.

3) Speaking of consolidation, at least the House and Senate passed a law that GWB can’t veto. Why will GWB call in sick rather than sign this legislation?

a) Because the new legislation pulls back the reigns on GWBs penchant for secrecy.
b) Because he’s the Decider and he’s decided not to sign any new legislation.
c) Because he’s the Commander-Guy and he doesn’t sign any legislation unless commanded to.

4) Chris Dodd took time to thank average Joes & Jane’s, yesterday. What was he thanking them for?

a) Sending in tons of Happy Holiday Christmas cards.
b) Supporting him in his stand against retroactive immunity in the new FISA bill (which Harry Reid had to table, for later).
c) The fabulous parting gifts.

5) The subprime mortgage crisis has got a lot of people in its cross-hairs. Alan Greenspan was once hailed as a Svengali when it came to economic matters, particularly in his role as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Why is he on the hot seat, even though he’s no longer Fed chairman?

a) Because of his past ties to author Ayn Rand.
b) Because he didn’t retire and go away, quietly.
c) Because he was warned about the imminent subprime crisis and refused to investigate the past indicators that would have shed light on the current crisis and that have now put the entire world on the verge of economic and financial collapse.

6) Speaking of hot seats, it looks like the Huckster is in it, again. What’s he been busted for this time?

a) Saying that homosexuality was as heinous as necrophilia.
b) Asking for campaign donations via Target’s ClubWed gift registry.
c) Impersonating Jim Nabors/Gomer Pyle.

7) It’s probably too late to consider whether or not the toys you bought for your little ones are “Made in America”. Even so, I’ll bet that most, if not all, of the goodies you got the youngun’s were made, where?

a) In Ireland
b) In China
c) In Cuba

8.) CREW, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, just came out with their annual list of the top ten ethics scandals. Who didn’t make the list?

a) Senator Larry Craig
b) Senator John Murtha
c) Bill O’Reilly

9) GWB and the gang are having another “Maalox” moment. What’s causing their current bout with indigestion?

a) A judge has ordered a hearing on the destruction of the CIA torture tapes.
b) Condi spiked the eggnog, again.
c) They wouldn’t let GWB join in any reindeer games.

10) The geeks of the world are celebrating great news, this week. What precious news are they getting all excited about?

a) Al Gore just invented a new more powerful Internet.
b) Peter Jackson will be producing, the prequel to the “Lord of the Rings Trilogy”, “The Hobbit”.
c) The pocket-protector is the new black.

I am so taking these old bones out in the sunshine, today. You should do the same. So, finish your morning cuppa and then get your butt out there and make it a great day!


(Originally posted: Dizzy Dayz)

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