Christmas Wars In Wisconsin

Nativity scenes are common this time of year.

They are seen in front of homes and churches.  This year, they are being moved onto public property.

The First Amendment of the Constitution prohibits the Establishment of Religion.  This ‘separation’ is designed to protect religious freedom and not subvert it.  Some people don’t get it.

Read this article and see if you can figure it out.

The mayor of Green Bay, seeking to reduce the heat from the city of Peshtigo, Wisconsin decides to add a creche to the City Hall roof.  His way of being ‘in your face’.

Uproar follows.  Lawsuits threatened.  So he invites other religious views to join in.

Wiccans put up a wreath/star combo.

It gets vandalized.  Instead of at least restoring the wreath, he puts a “moratorium” on the Constitution completely and says the Baby Jesus stays.  Rest of displays can take a hike.  Green Bay City Hall is once again safe for Christianity.

What is wrong in Green Bay?

Is this symptomatic for the rest of America as well?

Have Americans been fooled by the Gibson “war on Christmas” talk and now have taken on their own offensive against Religious Freedom.

This isn’t about creches.  This is about whether America will remain a nation of religious freedom and tolerance.  A nation that doesn’t take sides in the spiritual beliefs or lack thereof of each citizen who must decide how he/she decides to worship God or not.

At least that’s the way it used to be.


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