Ten Post Round-Up: Short & Sweet Thursday

I’m up to my neck in gifts and candy canes and gift bags, right now. Every month I give away a limited number of goody bags to the troops and their families that come to my shows. But, I kind of went overboard because of the holiday. When you have an altruistic nature, it’s kind of hard to turn it off when you like seeing people happy. So, I can’t really complain about the amount of work that lays before me because I literally brought it on myself. I desperately want to lie down and take a nap except for one tiny detail, I have holiday goodies strewn all over and so my motivation to finish is sleep.

I mentioned, yesterday, that this is the busy season for me and I swear, one of the many reasons it’s so damned busy is because my phone won’t stop ringing! Add the fact that I am running left and right and my children are driving me crazy (I think I heard one clock the other). I need a vacation that is not forthcoming and the only alternative, besides sleep, is a couple of double vodka crans that are totally in my very near future.

Because I am “thisclose” to a nervous breakdown, I’m going to keep the Round-Up short and sweet, today. Please try to keep up because I won’t be repeating myself until tomorrow. Got that?

Mukasey declares an end to “the Gonzales era”. Oh sure, it likely still be corrupt (*cough*torturetapes*cough*), but it will be “less politicized”. Isn’t that sweet? (Mukasey’s new policy limits political interference at DoJ.)

That media consolidation thing won’t be so bad, if you don’t mind being spoon-fed your news without any pesky distractions from those who disagree with what the lame stream media is presenting as fact. You don’t need to think for yourself. Isn’t that sweet? (Media Consolidation)

Cheney’s playhouse was on fire, yesterday. I think I heard Wexler in his office singing “the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire, we don’t need need impeachment let the mutha#$@& burn! I’m sure he was talking about the building…Isn’t that sweet? (Fire!)

Now, I’ve got it! The fire was started by GWBs pants! He’s told so many lies about Afghanistan and Iraq that you can smell the sulfur before he even opens his mouth. Or is that Cheney? Well, I have heard that the Nether-verse kind of has that smell…What the heck do I know? I’m an atheist, so I can’t possibly believe in Cheney. Isn’t that sweet? (Product of US liberation: Reports document deepening social catastrophe in Afghanistan)

Well, it looks like the Dems pulled a Bush: more tax cuts for the rich (no, I’m not making this up). Of course, the Republicans helped (more like, forced the issue).  But, don’t color me surprised…Isn’t that sweet? (Tax Cuts for Christmas!)

Alas! Irony is NOT dead! I posted about the Magna Carta a couple of days ago…Well, a member of the Carlyle Group bought it for a cool 21.3 mil. The link has a lot more than I could possible try to wrap your head right now. Isn’t that sweet? (The Irony Killed Me. I’m Dead Now.)

Break out the noisemakers! The Senate Republicans finally did something worth mentioning that’s not exactly criminal! They are the most filibustery Senators EVAH! Isn’t that sweet? (Most. Obstructionist. Ever.)

Notice to potential employers: You might want to double-check the credentials of anyone who has worked for KBR, especially if they are/were in management and/or worked in Iraq. And we thought Blackwater was bad! Isn’t that sweet? (More women report KBR, Halliburton assaults in Iraq)

Looks like somebody gave Harry Reid a magnifying glass and helped him find his ummm…holiday ornaments? No surprise appointments issues by Bush for Christmas! It’s not a lot, but hey! it’s somethin’! Isn’t that sweet? (THIS JUST IN: Reid to again block controversial Bush holiday recess appointments)

Bush must be so proud. One of his ratings is up to 68%! What’s that? It’s bad news for the housing market? Oh, never mind! Isn’t that sweet? (Housing foreclosures up 68% compared to November 2006)

Peace (that would be very sweet)!

(Originally posted: Dizzy Dayz)

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