A Cautionary Note

One thing that clearly must be reckoned with in the modern world is the corrupting influence of money on government. Money, skillfully applied to decision making can virtually control every outcome. Only in the absence of monetary corruption is the will of the people, expressed through voting outcomes, able to be effectuated.

Accordingly, it’s clear that our current government structure is simply no longer viable. It is impossible under our present system to separate the decision makers and the influencers to a sufficient degree to be able trust the outcome as having democratic reliability. A major reason that this is so is that we have no true means available to test the legitimacy of policy direction, let alone individual decisions, by declaring that a majority of us just lack confidence. We have virtually nothing available other than impeachment, and impeachment is so cumbersome as to provide no remedy.

The will of the most outstanding individual imaginable in the White House? That still leaves 535 other “deciders” who are susceptible to being bought and sold, especially with the sums available in a system where even a trillion dollars no longer qualifies as being too much money to imagine. Campaign finance reform? I’m not sure that helping high quality, but not well to do, people gain high office is really going to ensure that their votes can’t be “bought” in one of the many ways in which this sort of thing is done.

So is there an absolute answer. Possibly not, but even having the ability to vote the scoundrels out on a whim would seem to be a large improvement over waking up daily for four solid years and cursing the fools who clearly are not going to give us what we are vociferously demanding of them. We need to meet, we need to brainstorm, and we need to create a government that is sufficient to manage the problems of these extraordinary times.


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