I’m not sure who’s more desperate here… But it seems to me if the Obama campaign stoops to actually using Clinton’s name in new websites they have set up to attack her, they are the desperate team. The Clinton camp has set up websites alluding to Obama, but to date, as far as I can tell, have not used his name in the actual domain names, as the Obama has done with Clinton. I think regardless of the claims from Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton that the Obama campaign is not calling Clinton “desperate,” but are in fact calling her attacks “desperate,” the use of Clinton’s name in the domain name, is personal.  If this is what Obama calls a “drama-free campaign” filled with hope, I’m not impressed. Near as I can tell, Obama launched the first “salvo” against Clinton back in February and kept them coming. Now that Clinton’s fighting back, the Obama team is feigning innocence.

Who’s desperate? If nothing else, the American public may be desperate to get this damn primary season over and done. There’s no “hope” here from the Obama team, their banner motto. There’s a whole lot of ugly floating around on all fronts.  

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4 Responses to Desperate?

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    I’ve seem primaries where the damage that the candidates do to each other makes the job of beating the “winner” in the general almost a sure thing. I don’t see that we’re there yet, especially with Republican weaknesses in 08, but we seem to be creeping up on it.

  2. damnacrate says:

    end the war!!! that’s not what the democrats want at all. keeping the war going guarantee’s the election of a democrat as president, while its end leaves the presidency up for grabs. so sure, posture the anti war, we will stop bush bullshit, then cave in over and over again. risk a seat or two that you know will be picked up elsewhere, but draw a line in the sand?? not a chance. what of the lives that are paying for this POLITICAL gambit?? they are mere fodder. and those who vote for the continuance of the bush war are murderers at the least.

  3. damnacrate says:

    the worst thing that could happen to the democrats this election cycle, is to have the war end.

  4. Johng says:

    The Clintons will stop at nothing to get back there power. If the Dems are smart they would have got JK back as there candidate. He is the only one who has been right fall along !!