Ten Post Round-Up: Post-Christmas Round-Up

Great! You’re awake. I was afraid that all the holiday festivities had knocked you on your butt. Got your morning cuppa? Sweet. (I won’t tell Gran that you knoshed the last of her Bailey’s. It’ll be our little secret).

Can you believe what the Blog-elves left in my RSS stocking? Some of these posts are definitely keepers, but I certainly hope that some of these stories have a liberal return policy (especially since I can’t imagine “re-gifting” any of the horrendous post goodies I found under the feed-tree).

Did you have to deal with a little “jerk”, like Tommy at your holiday feast? (Warning: “bad words”).

Christmas wasn’t all bad, so don’t feel too bad for me. I got some real keepers, this holiday. But, I certainly hope that some of the duds I received will not be making an appearance next Christmas.

1) Thankfully, there were no lumps of coal in this stocking from the Good News Network. Just an enjoyable list of Top Ten Good News Stories of 2007!.

2) Music is my most favorite gift of all. How could I not love the gift of a John Lennon classic. This super special gift was thanks to enigma4ever at Watergate Summer.

3) It’s a good thing I have a sense of humor or this particular goody would give me the creeps. But, hey, it’s way better than fruitcake! (Jokester’s Christmas cards have a heavenly post)

4) There is quite a bit of irony in this great holiday story, but nevertheless, it’s still a heartwarming story. (GI Saves Iraqi Boy in Long-Shot Adoption)

5) Lil’ Dizzy registered a star (in the Andromeda constellation) in her name, for Christmas, so we’ve spent a bit of time looking heaven-ward. This gem from Signs of the Times makes note that at the end of the month of January, a large asteroid will be traveling very close by the “third rock from the Sun.”

6) No thanks to skippy for this “turkey”. I’m positive he’s just re-gifting that crap that GWB was passing around last summer.

7) Speaking of turkeys and fruitcakes, it seems that “someone” was nipping the sauce jus’ a little too much. MandT at Adgita Diaries tells us that they let Crazy Uncle Ron out for the day and he made sure to tell all the kiddies about how a woman’s place is in the home NOT in the House of Representatives.

8.) If that last gem wasn’t bad enough, Jesus’ General sides with Crazy Uncle Ron and suggests they forgo the company of womenfolk and enjoy the company of pumpkins, instead. I am so gonna beat the crap out of Cousin Fred for spiking the eggnog, again!

9) Ouch, GWB is definitely not going to want to wear this hideous beast. Despite the mad rush of consumers for last minute Christmas goodies, according to Target (that’s pronounced: “Tar-Jay”), holiday sales aren’t looking so hot.

10) This last gift, I wouldn’t wish on anybody. All those US jobs that went away to India are now taking their toll on the Indians who took on the outsourced tasks. My Gran used to say that “money isn’t everything, especially if you aren’t going to be around to enjoy it.” It looks like a lot of these folks are feeling the strain of trying to balance a “good job” with good mental and physical health.

Man, I think I could do with a few less turkeys and fruitcakes, next year. At least, this time next year, we will be rid of the fruitcake that’s currently running our country and future into the ground. My one Christmas wish is that whomever is elected is not anywhere near the turkey that we currently have in office.


(Originally posted: Dizzy Dayz)

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