Obama Advisor Swipes at Clinton in the Wake of Bhutto’s Murder

Talk about your political opportunism… The Page reports that David Axelrod, Barack Obama’s top strategist, told reporters today that Hillary Clinton “will not benefit from a renewed conversation about foreign policy in the wake of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination in Pakistan.”

Bhutto’s death will “call into issue the judgment: who’s made the right judgments,” Axelrod said. “Obviously, one of the reasons that Pakistan is in the distress that it’s in is because al-Qaeda is resurgent, has become more powerful within that country and that’s a consequence of us taking the eye off the ball and making the wrong judgment in going into Iraq. That’s a serious difference between these candidates and I’m sure that people will take that into consideration.”

With foreign policy considered by many to be a strength Clinton has and Obama’s is lacking in, apparently Axelrod felt that swiping at Clinton for her Iraq war vote at this time would help Obama and hurt Clinton. Instead, Axelrod ends up looking like an ass on this one, especially adding the Woody Allen analogy: 

“I know Woody Allen said that 80% of life is just showing up but there’s actually more to being proficient in foreign policy than just having been around for a long time. You also have to have good judgment. Obama was willing to split with the conventional wisdom on Iraq and many of these other issues and I think events have borne out his judgment.”

Unbelievable. Considering that Hillary Clinton actually knew Benazir Bhutto, WTF was Alexrod thinking? This is no time for candidates or their spokesmen to be stepping in the mire the way Axelrod did today. As Paul Krugman aptly notes in a message to the candidates, “It’s not about you.” There’s more thoughts on Axelrod’s unbelievably stupid remarks here, here, here and here.

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2 Responses to Obama Advisor Swipes at Clinton in the Wake of Bhutto’s Murder

  1. Mass says:

    He was answering to Clinton’s surrogate Bayh who promoted his candidate on the back of Bhutto’s assassination.

    If you want to promote Hillary. do so openly, because so many Hillary’s surrogates have said things totally insane, starting by Bob Kerrey, that you have either ignored or minimized that it is really sad.


    “I think they know we live in a dangerous world, and tragedies like this just remind us that we need someone with the seasoning, the experience and the strength to be commander in chief during uncertain times,” he said. “The job of the next president is not to be entertainer in chief. The job of the next president is to move our country forward to make the substantive changes that will matter in our daily lives, and to protect us in an uncertain and dangerous world. And that’s why in a field of very good candidates, I believe Senator Clinton has the right combination of experience and strength to accomplish all of those things.”

  2. Mass

    No where does the link you provided say that Axelrod was responding to what Evan Bayh said. Nor does the Time blog piece I quoted, or this CNN piece on Axelrod’s comments that were made right after a speech that Obama made.

    And FYI, I have said here numerous times, I am supporting any of the candidates as of yet. When and if I do decide to endorse someone it will be posted here, until then, I am simply calling it as I see it.

    Oh, and incase you missed it… I’ve been on vacation and also coming off my busy season with my business. I’ve barely been posting for weeks now. So if I missed something, that is why.