The Candidates Are Quiet On The Budget Crisis

The current campaign has paid little attention to the US budget crisis.

“Here’s one way to get a handle on how big the federal debt is. The annual interest we pay on that $9 trillion costs us more than the war in Iraq. Mindboggling, isn’t it? And while getting out of Iraq could save massive amounts of money — not to mention irreplaceable human lives — it won’t solve our budget problems. As of June 2007, we’ve spent more than $600 billion on Iraq, Afghanistan and the rest of the “war on terror.” In the same time period, we added over $2 trillion to the country’s debt. So it’s not just Iraq — not by a long shot. “

That was written by the authors of ‘Where Does The Money Go‘, Jean Johnson and Scott Biddle. Some of their proposed solutions maybe hard for us to hear. It is, however, a fact that our budget deficit and national debt are unpopular issues that must be addressed.

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