Bush Uses “Pocket Veto” to Reject Defense Authorization Bill, Kerry Calls Veto a “Disgrace”

Bush used a “pocket veto” today to reject a sweeping defense authorization bill because he disliked “a provision that would expose the Iraqi government to expensive lawsuits seeking damages from the Saddam Hussein era.”    In a statement, Bush said the legislation “would imperil billions of dollars of Iraqi assets at … Continue reading

Obama Stammers His Way Through Defense of Axelrod’s Comments on Clinton

The Obama campaign has been on the defensive in the wake of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, thanks to some tacky (to say the least) comments from Obama spokesman David Axelrod. Last night Barack Obama attempted to “vigorously” defend Axelrod during a CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer.:   As Lynn Sweet reports, the … Continue reading

Benazir Bhutto Remembered

Parade Magazine’s upcoming edition has an interview with Bhutto that “will be the cover story of PARADE on January 6, 2008.” You can read the interview here. Bhutto took on many risks in her life, but she will be most remembered as the “first woman to be democratically elected to lead a … Continue reading