Benazir Bhutto Remembered

Parade Magazine’s upcoming edition has an interview with Bhutto that “will be the cover story of PARADE on January 6, 2008.” You can read the interview here.

Bhutto took on many risks in her life, but she will be most remembered as the “first woman to be democratically elected to lead a modern Muslim country.”

A deeply polarizing figure, the self-styled “daughter of Pakistan” was twice elected prime minister and twice expelled from office amid a swirl of corruption charges that ultimately propelled her into self-imposed exile in London, New York and Dubai for much of the past decade. She returned home only two months ago, defying threats to her life as she embarked on a bid for election to a third term in office, billing herself as a bulwark against Islamic extremism and a tribune of democracy.

The combined bombing and shooting attack that killed her as she left a political rally, standing through the open roof of her car to greet milling crowds of supporters, came as Ms. Bhutto staged a series of mass meetings across Pakistan. She did that despite her aides’ appeals for caution in the wake of a double suicide bombing that narrowly failed to kill her on the night of her return from exile in October. That attack, which killed more than 130 people, came as she drove from the airport in Karachi to her home on the city’s seafront, and provoked a characteristic response.

“We will continue to meet the public,” she said as she visited survivors of the bombings at a Karachi hospital. “We will not be deterred.”

It’s a mess over there in Pakistan. Read Digby’s “Pakistan Crisis For Dummies” to get up to speed on what’s really going on.

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