In The Wake of Bhutto’s Assassination, Experience Or Change?

There’s a lot been said on the candidate’s reactions in the wake of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination on Thursday. There was the huge gaffe from Mike Huckabee that critics have picked apart and then there was Ron Paul blaming America, which went over like a lead balloon with the wingnuts. But the discussion of the day truly centered around the two Democratic front-runners, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Via Taylor Marsh, here’s two videos from Hardball discussing both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s reactions:
Obama on Bhutto’s Assassination:

Hillary Clinton on Bhutto’s Assassination:

It was bad enough that Obama spokesman Axelrod stepped in it with his comments about Bhutto’s death, but if this is the best Obama can offer, I’m not impressed and sadly would agree with Chris Matthews “cold” assertion.

Meanwhile, John Edwards won some points as perhaps the “only candidate to have said publicly that he received a call from Musharraf today.”

Edwards did not join in the fight between rivals Clinton and Obama over which candidate has the best foreign policy advisers, and asked what this conversation does for his own foreign policy credibility, Edwards referred back to the complexity of the issue.

“I think that the most important thing is to understand what’s actually happening within Pakistan, the complex nature of the problems there, and to be visionary about what America needs to be doing,” he told reporters.

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