Biden’s Churchill Moment? Listen Closely To The Ending…

Hat Tip to Joe Biden’s site:

Dec. 29: This week on CNN’s News Hour With Jim Lehrer, host Judy Woodruff asked David Brooks of The New York Times, and syndicated columnist Mark Shields, to comment on Democratic presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Joe Biden’s remarks on Pakistan.

Here is a quick 50-sec. video clip of the broadcast, with their praise and commentary:

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5 Responses to Biden’s Churchill Moment? Listen Closely To The Ending…

  1. leverne says:

    Why is Joe Biden so overlooked by the media? Why is he never listed in any of the polls? Just my opinion .. but he seems to be the most imformed, doesn’t stumble or stammer on answers to questions, knows what he stands for, no double talk, seems to be an open honest, straight talker. Not one other candidate can hold a candle to him on foreign matters … I could go on and on … I sure think he’s the one needed in the oval office, seems to be the most competent and the only one I can see truly leading this country in a different direction – out of the mess we’re currently in!

    Comments please .. what am I missing ?

  2. Pete C says:

    Biden seems to be the most qualified to me as well. I hope people smarten up and realize that as Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee he already has the necessary experience to deal with this stuff. He has earned the respect of his colleagues, and he has my vote.

  3. Leverne & Pete C

    Welcome to The Dem Daily.

    Joe Biden is certainly quite competant and it would be great to see him give the frontrunners a run for their money in Iowa and NH. Although the primaries are closing in on us, as John Kerry showed us 4 years ago, anything is possible.

  4. leverne says:

    Just a thought .. maybe the news media really only cares about their ratings and what makes (they think) good news .. ie., a 1st black or woman .. makes for more squabbles, etc. and stirs the other side up as well … if that’s the case …. “for shame”, ” for shame”, they should be only concerned with this country and what’s best for it .. not their ratings.

    Just my humble thoughts …

  5. As someone who has avoided endorsing anyone in this primary season, as if anyone would give a damn if I did, I find myself saddened by the primary process.

    The fact that two good articulate men, Joe Biden and Chris Dodd, are left to pull off an ‘on-the-ground’ miracle in Iowa and NH is simply stupid. While neither had the grand entrance of Senators Clinton, Obama and John Edwards, I think both would make a fine President. They would be accepted by the world, and Capital Hill, as a leader of experience and judgment. In other words they’d be qualified.

    While of the top three, as appointed by the media coverage, only Obama gets my goat by his constant inference that these fine people, Biden, Dodd and Clinton, are somehow deficiently doing their duties of office.

    Do I like Joe Biden? Damn right. I’m praying for a miracle in Iowa just hours away…yep think about that just hours away…for him or Dodd. Someone has to make this a real race between all the experienced people.

    Do I think Obama is an ’empty shirt’? Yep. Dennis Kucinich is better qualified.

    It’s honestly a sad away for the next president to be chosen.

    As you have strong opinions, obviously, get on DailyKos, MyDD and the other sites and make your opinions known. There’s still time for that single voice to have an impact.