Dimming the Light: What Bhutto Said To Us

One of the things Benazir Bhutto was arguing for, as she campaigned for the upcoming elections, was a rejection of that false choice between security and freedom. She wanted to see beyond the spectacle of political violence and terrorism. She wanted that for her own people, but just as importantly she wanted the world to see this. She had pledged to confront the violent extremists, not to abide by them and she planned to do this with something much more effective than helicopter gunships or police state repression. She campaigned on the idea that the most effective weapon in the face of terrorism was the clear mandate of legitimate democracy. There are those who argue that her murder is evidence of her mistaken outlook. To my mind, they only take the crime one step further. Continue reading

Support of Christianity Resolution Passes House

I enjoy reading Jimmy Gillman’s blogs about life in America.  The other day he commented on a recent House Resolution–H. Res 847: December 11, 2007.Whereas Christmas, a holiday of great significance to Americans and many other cultures and nationalities, is celebrated annually by Christians throughout the United States and the … Continue reading

Concord Monitor Endorses Clinton in New Hampshire Primary

The Concord Monitor has endorsed Hillary Clinton for the New Hampshire primary. The Monitor begins their endorsement by noting: Immediately after taking office, President Hillary Clinton would begin preparations to withdraw American troops from Iraq. She would send a message to world leaders that the United States intends to rejoin … Continue reading