Another Senator Backs Clinton

AP News reports that the Clinton campaign is set to announce on Monday that yet another Senator is backing Hillary Clinton in her presidential bid — Sen. Maria Cantwell of Washington.

Hillary is ready to address our energy challenges on day one with a bold, comprehensive plan to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and move America toward a renewable energy future,” Cantwell said in a statement.

In the closing days before Iowa’s caucuses Thursday, Clinton has been addressing questions about her electability in the general election – in part by touting endorsements from leading elected officials.

Campaigning with Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland on Saturday, Clinton said he and other high-profile backers aren’t on a “political suicide mission” and are supporting her because they believe she can win Republican-leaning states.

“They are concluding, number one, I would be the best president and, two, I am the Democrat most likely to be elected,” Clinton told reporters.

Clinton, is 1 of 4 senators in the Democratic field. She “has won the backing of many more of her Senate colleagues.”

Barack Obama of Illinois has picked up two Senate endorsement; Joe Biden of Delaware has one; and Chris Dodd of Connecticut has none.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson has won the support of his home-state senator, Jeff Bingaman. Former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina hasn’t picked up any Senate endorsements.

The WaPo noted today that a few top Democrats have yet to make endorsements. The “silence is deafening.” Nary a word has come from either of our most recent nominees, though it is doubtful that Gore will endorse at this point, as I noted here two days ago. John Kerry, the WaPo muses most definitely doesn’t have John Edwards on his list. And there’s been nary a word from a few other top Dems in the Senate, including Ted Kennedy, Russ Feingold and Tom Harkin. Will they or won’t they?

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2 Responses to Another Senator Backs Clinton

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  2. Darrell Prows says:

    The Senators are largely doing the politician thing. Nothing too controversial, nothing to get anyone upset. Don’t ya just love the leadership?