Concord Monitor Endorses Clinton in New Hampshire Primary

The Concord Monitor has endorsed Hillary Clinton for the New Hampshire primary. The Monitor begins their endorsement by noting:

Immediately after taking office, President Hillary Clinton would begin preparations to withdraw American troops from Iraq.

She would send a message to world leaders that the United States intends to rejoin the community of nations.

She would make clear to federal employees that they must heed the Constitution.

She would reverse Bush-era policies that have harmed the environment.

She would quickly sign legislation supporting stem-cell research and expanding children’s health insurance.

She would lift the gag rule prohibiting international family planning programs from counseling poor women about abortion.

Many White House administrations start off slowly, as green presidents fumble through their early months, unsure how to bend Washington to their will. Come 2009, America will be unable to afford such squandered time.

Clinton’s ambitious to-do list for her first few weeks in office gives us confidence that her priorities are right and that she would act swiftly to make a positive difference. She is the Monitor’s choice in the Jan. 8 Democratic primary.

And they go on to say:

Hillary Clinton’s unique combination of smarts, experience and toughness makes her the best choice to win the November election and truly get things done. Before embarking on an agenda of her or his own, the next American president will be forced to undo the damage of the Bush years: ending the war in Iraq, restoring habeas corpus rights, ending the use of torture, healing New Orleans, restoring America’s moral authority around the world.

A tall order – but not nearly enough. The next president must also take the lead on a serious effort to slow global warming, a rational policy on illegal immigration and a plan to provide health care to all Americans.

Clinton knows what she wants to accomplish. She knows how Washington works. She has forged alliances with unlikely political partners, and she has waged partisan fights on matters of principle. Her years as first lady and as a U.S. senator have put her at the center of key policy and political battles for a decade and a half. She is prepared for the job.

Experience counts, and Hillary Clinton has it in the Monitor’s book:

As first lady, Clinton acted as an American diplomat, meeting with foreign leaders across the globe on behalf of her husband and advocating for human rights. She was influential in shepherding the Family and Medical Leave Act into law. Her fumble on health care reform taught her much about the ways of Washington – and it is to her credit that universal health care remains her signature issue.

As a senator, Clinton has earned a reputation for pragmatic and sometimes creative hard work. She forged a bipartisan plan to expand health coverage to military veterans and their families. She helped secure critical federal assistance for Manhattan after the Sept. 11 attacks. By stalling the confirmation of President Bush’s FDA appointee, she gained over-the-counter access for the morning-after pill. Her work with Senate Republicans, including the leader of the impeachment prosecution against her husband, gives us confidence that the cartoon version of Hillary Clinton – as a leading actor in an exhaustingly partisan Washington soap opera – is a 1990s anachronism.

As a veteran of her own campaigns and her husband’s, and as a favorite target of Republicans, she has become a tough campaigner.

And regardless of what some may think, electing Hillary Clinton as the first woman president is inspiring:

There are Democratic voters in New Hampshire and beyond who wish for a little more poetry from the guarded and highly disciplined Clinton. She can, after all, seem a relentless policy wonk, rather than an inspirational leader. But consider this: American men gave up their monopoly on the right to vote and hold public office in 1920. In the intervening 87 years, progress for women has been slow and uneven: A wage gap persists; reproductive freedom is constantly at risk; and in the 21 presidential contests since then, Americans have never even given serious consideration to voting for a woman.

The election of America’s first female president will show more than half the population – including millions of young girls – that their futures are not limited by their gender, that America has moved a little closer to its ideals of liberty and justice for all. There is plenty of inspiration in that.

In the end looking at the very talented field of Democrats the Concord Monitor feels that “Hillary Clinton’s unique combination of smarts, experience and toughness makes her the best choice to win the November election and truly get things done.”

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5 Responses to Concord Monitor Endorses Clinton in New Hampshire Primary

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  2. Darrell Prows says:

    I’m still down to Clinton, Obama, and Richardson. The Democrats need to be the first to break the sterotype and this needs to be the election for it.

    I caught Hillary with Stephanoplous this morning, and she seemed ready to be President. Not a President as I would have it, but what I’m really looking for is close to, but not exactly, all of the positives of Kucinich and none of the negatives.

  3. Robert kellogg says:

    I beleive wholeheartedly that this endorsement hit the nail on the head. Hillary Clinton may not have a lot of poetry, she may not give the best speaches, but she is the best equiped for bringing about change in Washington. Look I dont need a flowery speach to make me feel hopeful, what I need is action. Put your money where your mouth is and Hillary Clinton has done that. She is a world class administrator, intelligent negotiator and effective teacher. We need all those things if we are going to enact the changes needed to put America back on track. If Obama wants to write and give speaches let him be Clintons press secretary and leave the hard work to someone who is tried and true. Give me Hillarys tenacity and can do attitude over Obamas smooth talk anyday. I want results not a sound bite.

  4. Masslib says:

    This endorsement hits the nail on the head. Electing our first Democratic female president is going to be extremely inspiring, especially this woman. She is just hed and shoulders the best candidate.

  5. jim says:

    I am a Republican from Upstate NY. I started loving this woman since last election. She is a real doer – hard working and results-orientated.

    Obama, to me, is still too green. Good talker. But he has not been tested. At this crucial moment in US history, I do not want to risk another 4 yrs to make him on job training.

    I want to have a doer in DC to clean up Bush’s mess. It is this woman, Hillary.