Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

Wow. Another year is coming to an end.

I’m going to be ending this year in the same way that I ended last year (same what and where), with one notable exception. I’ll be working my musical magic on New Year’s Eve, just like I did last year. But, this year, SSG Dizzy will not be with me. Of course, that’s not news. He’s been in and out of Iraq, every other year since 2003. What is news is that, this time next year, I will very likely be observing New Year’s Eve the same way (same what and where) but without SSG Dizzy (in ten years, we have never missed any annual holiday two years in a row).

I know I am not the only blogger looking on this world in melancholy. It’s hard to think positive about the next year when the last 7 years have been a waking nightmare. I have as much as anyone to be deeply concerned about my immediate future (every day begins with a prayer that I will not get a “special” knock at the door or an urgent phone call). But, the best way I know to get through each day (the ONLY way I know to get through each day) is to think positively and focus on things that lift my spirit.

Before we proceed to today’s Round-Up, let’s sip a hearty cuppa and watch and listen to this uplifting video: Music in the Nature 2008 – Happy New Year

You might want to add a shot of something stronger to your morning cuppa as we proceed to today’s Ten Post Round-Up:

1) The “Golden Arches” are going “green”.–(Good News Network)

2) Ron Paul is peeved at Faux Nooz.(Think Progress)

3) Another unfortunate tazing incident.(Open Your Minds Eye)

4) A possible reason for the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.(duckplops)

5) The lame-o pants lawsuit may come back to haunt us all.(Crooks and Liars)

6) Pakistan willing to exhume Bhutto’s remains to put “conspiracy theories” to rest.(Signs of the Times)

7) Subscribers run from New York Times as they wait for it to be struck by lightning.(Wonkette)

8.) Amerika: GWBs very own torture chamber.(Adgita Diaries)

9) GOP candidates behaving badly…towards one another.(AMERICAblog)

10) Looking for a hero to stir up dramatic change in 2008? Try looking in the mirror!(Seeking Utopia)

Go out and make it a better day. Peace.


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