Iowa: Want A Reason To Keep Joe Biden In The Race?

Watch this video of a most explosive anti-war Senate speech attacking Bush by Joe Biden. Perhaps after viewing this clip, you’ll think he should be in the game for NH and through to Feb. 5. I do.

(If you’ve never seen a Senator nearly lose it on the Senate floor, take the time to watch this video.)

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8 Responses to Iowa: Want A Reason To Keep Joe Biden In The Race?

  1. leverne says:

    I already do think he should be in the running .. can’t for the life of me understand why no-one , no-one! gives him any air time, can’t understand why he’s not the one of the front runners. I hear people from both sides and everyone in the news media yapping about how there really is no one running that gets them excited, don’t they listen to him! I could just go on and on … but as it’s been proven by the media … no-one is listening, at least not to the man that makes sense, not to the man that speaks the truth, not to the man that is the most qualified, not to the the man that has the most experience in foreign affairs, not to the man who is well respected by people on both sides of the isle, not to the man who could bring this country out of the mess we’re in, not to the man who could bring this country together ….. why is no one listening????

    I’ve written several emails, etc. to CNN, and others about ignoring Joe Biden, but of coarse, no ones listening … they never read my emails on air, they just want to talk about the ones who will give them the most viewership and ratings .. the one’s who will make history .. the 1st female or 1st black … they really don’t want things running smooth .. doesn’t make for big news ratings I guess…

    If we really want our country back in a “working government” situation … get behind this man!! He should be our next president. For my 2 cents worth .. Joe Biden with Obama as a running mate would make an unstoppable team!!

  2. Darrell Prows says:

    I have only one complaint with what was said, but it is huge (and not something unique in this race to Biden). There was no mention in his prescription for a remedy of any role to be played by other than the U.S. I simply reject the notion that we deserve to be, or should even want to be, the big daddy for the whole world.

    There are some steps that could be taken that might legitimately create that result, but we want to leave out the courtship and get right into the action with us on top.

  3. Being from Delaware, I am very priviledged to say that Joe Biden is my Senator. He has had an excellent relationshio with the citizens of Delaware throughout his carrer. I, like many others, have had the occassion to contact Senator Biden with a state related problem. Although his responsibilites in the Senate are many, he is always quick to respond.
    He is the most experienced candidate on either side. He has excellent speaking skills and thus is very charismatic. I too don’t understand why he is not higher in the polls. He certainly has name recognition. However, the primaries often seem to resemble a coronation rather than an informed vote! Buzz

  4. Shari in PA says:

    Gotta get Biden into the White House!
    The man with the plan and the intelligence to get us out of the mess from the Bush years…and the wisdom to get this country back on track!

  5. S J Fallon says:

    There are myriad reasons to support Joe Biden’s bid for the presidency. Chief among them is his unrivaled mastery of foreign affairs and matters of national security.

    The prime directive of any president of the United States is to keep the people of this nation safe and free. All other considerations are secondary. This is a very dangerous world and no amount of “hope” or calls for unspecified “change” will turn it otherwise.

    We need a captain on the bridge who does not need to study the charts, for he has sailed these seas many times before.

    Joe Biden knows more, has seen and has done more, than all of his rivals combined.

  6. Keep it coming Biden supporters! Could to see you all making some noise for Joe.

  7. OregonVoter says:

    I support Senator Joe Biden to be the next President of the USA.

    He has the experience and he can work with the Republicans, as he has in the past, to be a President of all of the people in the USA .

    Let me just ask you to think about this…
    ………. If you went to a hospital ER, who would you want to take care of you….. the Experienced physician with his experienced team…. or the good-hearted intern who has not gained experience yet?
    ……….. Would you like the Hospital Administrator to tend to your injury, or someone who knew how to stop the bleeding?

    This is the defference between these candidates. They may all have good intentions and good ideas, but who can start work right after the swearing in ceremony? I know Joe Biden will be the right man for this job right now…

  8. Darrell Prows says:

    I’m hoping to see something new happen on this planet before I leave it. Something wonderfully positive for the whole human race and that bespeaks of a dramatic change from the entire set of our foreign relations as I’ve lived to see them. While Biden would make a perfectly competent President I don’t see him taking us to the place that I’d like to reach.