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876-20071229_1_col_iowa_poll_small_prod_affiliate_91.jpgWe’re down to the wire now, as the Iowa caucus is just a few short days away and the pollsters are reverberating off the charts with a wide variety of results. The latest McClatchy-MSNBC Poll is here to your left. It gives John Edwards a bit of the edge in the Democratic field, as he has “clawed his way into contention” and the Mittster has a 4 point lead over the Huckster in the Republican field. 

Brad Coker of Mason-Dixon Polling & Research, who conducted the poll, said, “On the Democratic side, the race is about as close as it can get, but keep an eye on Edwards. Edwards has really moved up since our last poll. Obama and Clinton have each slipped a little bit.”

Coker noted on the Republican side, “Romney has rebounded and the Huckabee bubble may have burst. Last time, Huckabee was getting all the good press and nobody had put him under any scrutiny. … Now he’s under the spotlight, and he’s started to wilt a little.”

In the 2nd tier of Democratic candidates, Bill Richardson as taken the edge with 4 points over Biden, Dodd, Kucinich and Gravel need a serious miracle to pull anything off apparently.

I was reminiscing with my daughter earlier about the last Iowa caucus. With out a real horse in the race, the anticipation isn’t the same this time around. Still, it will be exciting to watch the results come in, and who knows, perhaps we’ll still see a candidate in the Democratic field pull a Kerry and shock the world.

The latest Zogby gives Clinton a 4 point lead over Obama and a 7 point lead over Edwards. Richardson and Biden tie in the 2nd tier with 5 points each. Huckabee has a 1 point lead on Romney and McCain who has been heating up of late, is a cool 17 – 18 points behind the two. Given Huckabee’s propensity to push his religious beliefs to the max, I’d personally like to see McCain take Iowa. He’s the least offensive of the group and that’s saying something.

It’s simply “too close to call,” says MSNBC. The countdown is on and the gloves are off. The sleeper of the Republican race, Fred Thompson apparently couldn’t get off his duff any further than to issue an internet video as his closing arguments to the people of Iowa. Still, Peter Robinson of The Corner says, “I wouldn’t count Fred out.” Hmmm…  

Stay tuned…. The candidates are all scrambling for an edge and a win.

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  3. Darrell Prows says:

    Another year where Alan Keys moved no one. Tell me that’s not a shocker.

    (Is a “Mittster” a cross between a baseball mitt and a hamster?)

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