Race For The White House

The Sunday L.A. Times had a brilliant OP/ED cartoon that was a full page today. The punchline: “Me Again Why I’m Not Supposed to Like Hillary?” It’s really, as Taylor Marsh says, a “must see.” Taylor also nails it in saying:

Why aren’t you supposed to like Hillary? Because the traditional media, cable talking heads, wingnut radio, plus many blogs, have told you not to.

Food for thought as the primaries loom closer.

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One Response to Race For The White House

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    What we need is a President of whatever political persuasion, gender, or race who will announce “Because international relations are so important I am going to handle the job of Secretary of State along with the Presidency. I will delegate domestic affairs to my very competent Vice President and supremely qualified Cabinet. They will implement my policy or be replaced. Meanwhile I will range the planet and cut as many deals as I can possibly manage. Both with traditional friends and traditional foes. When I come back before you in four years I will show you the framework for implementing a whole new set of planetary relationships, or you should give the next person a shot.”

    But we’re not going to get that so I think that the Dems still look better than anything elese actually out there at this time.