Dizzy’s Ten Post Round Up

It’s New Year’s Eve and just about every blogger I know is reflecting on the year we are leaving behind.

Many of my regular readers know that I started my new year on October 12th, on my 37th birthday, so for me, New Year’s Eve is mostly what I consider the end of another tax season.

I don’t really make resolutions. I stopped doing that a couple of years ago. I’ve got no plans to lose weight or travel the world or try new things. Of course, if those things happen, I won’t grumble about it. I merely resolve to be a more fabulous version of the person I am today and that does not require dieting, exercising, packing or getting fitted for a parachute. It does require that I work a little harder at being honest with myself and others, saying “NO” and meaning it, being good to myself and others, and accepting those things I cannot change and keeping a positive outlook despite negative things that come my way.

Tonight, I’m gonna party and as usual, I will get paid to be the life of the party and I am going to see to it that everyone starts the new year off on a high note (literally). I’m proud to say that these are the same folks I partied with last year and I’m elated that they decided that they wanted me to help them end this year the same way they ended the last. Even though I did not know any of the party-goers, last year, they treated me and my husband like family. It’s going to be a lot of heavy lifting, but in the end, a lot of fun and I can’t wait (it’s an Italian-themed costume party…I’m going as Alicia Keys…yes, she’s part Italian…look it up…).

My only hope for the new year is that this country proves once and for all that we have had enough of the brand of “unity” and “nation-building” that GWB and the Gang have been forcing on us for the last 7 years. Since primary season is upon us, I am kind of holding my breath. I have not chosen a candidate to support and in fact, I will hold my cards until after the primaries. I hope that the American people do not get taken in by another charlatan, another “divider”, another “decider”…In any case, despite the primary season being on our heads, the big show is not for 11 months, yet.

Right now, my hope for the new year is that between today and tomorrow we might reflect on those things that made our lives just a little bit better, like our friends and family, whether near or far. I’m grateful and thankful that I have been welcomed into such great blogging communities and learning and sharing with so many wonderful bloggers has made some of the $#!* in the world seem more bearable. So, this New Year’s Eve, I leave you with this holiday pop classic that many of use who grew up in the 70s & 80s can truly appreciate: Happy New Year (ABBA)

Now, without further ado, I present to you the last Ten Post Round-Up for 2007:

1) After 100 years, the lights in the New Year’s Eve ball will be “green”.–(Anything Goes & General News)

2) New video shows that Benazir Bhutto did not die as a result of “bumping her head”.(CNN.com)

3) Bhutto’s son has been chosen as her successor.(Truthout)

4) So many whoppers, so little time…(Bring It On!)

5) Another reason the “Huckster” creeps me the hell out.(AMERICAblog)

6) Not to be outdone: Rudy creeps me out, too!(Signs of the Times)

7) SC Republicans get punked by Romney “holiday” card.(AMERICAblog)

8.) A perfect example of why Americans no longer trust the lame-stream media.(The Huffington Post)

9) Clinton inspiring pre-teen girls to set up plans to seek the presidency?(The Onion)

10) A nation-wide fantasy: GWB and Dead-Eye Dick–Under Arrest?(duckplops)

No matter what your political affiliation and no matter what your personal aspirations are for the coming year, my wish for you for the coming year is HOPE. Keep hope alive.

Until next year, Peace.

(Happy New Year!)

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