Clinton’s Economy Ad and A Peek at Iowa

I just ran across this ad below from Hillary Clinton on the housing crisis and the economy. It’s a good ad and timely topic that needs attention:

We’ve got some serious problems here in America that need fixing. I hope to hear more from all the Dem candidates in the coming days about what they plan to do to bring about real change and foster real hope once again among Americans. 

H/T to Michael on The PoliGazette for the Clinton ad. Meanwhile Dan Balz takes a look at the “diligent Clinton” in Iowa:

Hillary Clinton will close out nearly a year of campaigning in Iowa with a New Year’s Eve rally in downtown Des Moines late Monday night. It will be glitzy and splashy and will feature her most significant surrogate, her husband the former president.

But what is striking about the final days of one of the most fascinating campaigns any of us have witnessed here in Iowa is how Clinton has avoided becoming the focus of attention. The national front-runner has become, if not invisible, virtually ignored — and that seems just the way she wants it.

Barack Obama and John Edwards have zeroed in on one another. Joe Biden, Bill Richardson and Chris Dodd hunger for attention. Clinton is methodically moving around the state, saying the same thing at virtually every stop. She has given a few interviews, but made little news.

The style is classic Hillary Clinton, the girl with the responsibility gene, the always-prepared student who never skips her homework. Her final days in Iowa are as disciplined as they are unexceptional — except perhaps where it counts, in reaching out to Iowa voters. (But that we will not know until Thursday night.)

The campaigns are drowning in data but no one is certain about where the Democratic race is heading. Everyone here awaits the release of the Des Moines Register’s final poll, which historically has been accurate in the order of finish, if not always the margins between the candidates. 

And we need wait no longer for the Des Moines Register’s final poll that balz mentions above. It’s out and shows Obama widening his lead over Clinton. The Register’s poll runs contrary to the most recent Zogby and MSNBC/McClatchy Poll. Big Tent Democrat parses the poll on Talk Left.

Time will tell… Stay Tuned.

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