Clinton and Obama Face Off in a One on One Debate (VIDEOS)

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are facing off in a one on one debate here in Los Angeles: The economy is likely to dominate Thursday’s debate, as both candidates look to appeal to supporters of Edwards and his brand of economic populism. Clinton and Obama have split victories in their parties’ early-voting states: Obama has won in Iowa and South Carolina, and Clinton has won in New Hampshire, Nevada, Michigan and Florida. But the Michigan and Florida contests awarded no delegates, and all major Democratic presidential candidates pledged to avoid campaigning in those states following national party penalties against them for moving up their contests so early. The heat is on… this is the final debate before Tsunami Tuesday. Are you … Continue reading

Stupid Goddamn Journalism

There’s a lot of “stupid goddamn journalism” going around lately. Via Sadly No!: Dear Dr. Atrios. I have a good Wanker of the Day nominee for you. His name is Jake Tapper and he’s (tragically) a senior national correspondent at ABC. He’s also apparently illiterate. Go read all of Brad’s post on Sadly No!… He speaks for me on this complete farce of professional journalism from Jake Tapper: … you should apologize for taking what was an absurdly clear statement and intentionally mucking it up just to draw the oh-so-coveted Drudge Report traffic to your page. You should also apologize for giving the Republicans yet another set of bogus “Al-Gore-said-he-invented-the-Internet!!!11!!1!” talking points to use against Democratic candidates, which you dutifully reprinted … Continue reading

President McCain?

Does a younger population that wants to feel like they live in a young country elect an old warhawk for their leader? It would be bad enough in 2008 if McCain would not be the oldest President ever, but for him to promise to continue an experience of military adventurism that is unpopular in the extreme is going to be as counter productive as Goldwater talking about using nukes. In actuality McCain has the perfect Conservative credentials because he’ll make a grand effort to stifle all social progress, and that really is the ultimate definition of conservatism. Nothing scares a conservative as much as the future does, and McCain is wed to the past at least as much as anyone … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

I know that I said, yesterday, that I am sick to death of politics. No…no, that wasn’t a lie. You see, the thing is, the main reason I put together this round-up, these days, is not so much for my own pleasure (narcissist, though I may be), but to give SSG Dizzy (currently serving his third rotation in Iraq until Feb. 2009), something to look forward to every day and keep him up on current events, since his schedule, you know, in a war zone, is not conducive to hours and hours of web-surfing, like mine is. That being said, yesterday’s political news was something of a mixed blessing. We said, “so long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good-bye…”, to that guy … Continue reading

A Positive Vision of 21st Century Democracy

 We need to be as ambitious in envisioning political process integrity as John Edwards has been honest in talking about political process corruption.  For supporters of John Edwards, the end of his 2008 campaign for the presidency should not be spent in either deep gloom or false bravado.  The future of the cause Edwards champions remains open and John Edwards’ influence on the rest of this campaign and perhaps on the next four years is unknown.  We would be mistaken to write him out of our script just because he has bowed out of the race for the presidency.  At the same time, clearly his campaign is lost and what is most appropriate in the face of this political loss … Continue reading

Bill Clinton Stumps for Hillary in Illinois

Today in Illinois, Bill Clinton was out en force as Hillary Clinton’s chief surrogate. He touted “his wife’s ideas on health care, the environment, the nation’s housing crisis, college tuition and the Iraq war, while also seeking to promote her as someone who could end partisan fighting in Washington—something Republicans readily dispute.” Bill’s presentation was all about Hillary… with nary a mention of her opponent Barack Obama. “We have a challenge around the world,” Clinton said. “Here’s why I think you should all support Hillary: She says America is yearning to get beyond partisan fights of the last seven years and go back to working on big things together. The way to achieve national unity is to involve people in … Continue reading

New York Post Endorses Obama As the A.B.C. Candidate

Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post has endorsed Barack Obama as the A.B.C. candidate — anybody but Clinton. Mind you they couldn’t find much merit to endorse Obama on, as they took a swipe at Hillary Clinton using those now famous, “let’s not go back to the past” talking points that team Obama and his surrogates have been bandying about for days. No they found little good to say about Obama, other than he’s not Clinton: