Joe Biden Makes A Video Appeal Directly To Iowans

This Joe Biden video, directed at the Iowa Caucus voter, speaks for itself. No matter who you support at the moment, please take the time to watch this substantive statement.

Pass this video around as it’s the kind of reasoned appeal that we need to hear from all our candidates. So far, to my knowledge, Joe Biden has again been the first, and perhaps only, candidate to release a final, content-filled video directly to Iowans. He deserves credit and attention for his willingness to put his views and his arguments on the table for all to see. See also “Biden hits rivals on Pakistan policy.”

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2 Responses to Joe Biden Makes A Video Appeal Directly To Iowans

  1. Lori says:

    Glad to see Joe speaking directly to the caucus-goer. Iowans, caucus your conscience. Joe can land in the top 3 and become a more viable candidate if you do. The rest of his supporters in other states are counting on you.

  2. leverne says:

    Joe is most definitely my pick!!

    I’m writing letters to New Hamshire newspapers .. asking them to take a good look at Joe ..maybe if everyone who supports him would do the same we could create some movement for him … at least get his message out there … he just seems to be so overlooked by the media. When I mention him to people .. their response seems to be “oh, yeah, I forgot about him but he makes a lot of sense, and I like him.

    Joe makes me feel safe!! And I feel a sense of trust when I listen to him.

    Write some emails folks!