Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up: Happy New Year

So long, 2007. Hello, 2008.

I am finally recovering from another wild New Year’s Eve. I finally made it home around 3:30AM! Just like last year, at the first annual New Year’s Eve party, I had to encourage the hostess that I really needed to get home and get my beauty rest, despite the fact that we were all having a lot of fun and didn’t want it to end. The first day of 2008 saw me dragging my butt around trying to find the motivation to do anything other than vegetate. (BTW, if you want to see how I pulled off my “Alicia Keys” look for the Italian-themed shindig, just visit my blog at Dizzy Dayz).

I need something upbeat to get me moving, this morning, so I’ll share one of my all-time favorite ditty’s with you. Now, I realize this song is totally over commercialized (it’s used in a major hair product campaign and has been used in about a dozen movies), but I still love it (I get completely animated and excited when I hear the intro). Plus, it’s my official New Year Anthem: Unwritten–Natasha Bedingfield.

Prepare your gray matter for the first Ten Post Round-Up for 2008:

1) When the CIA destroys evidence, it’s kind of hard to believe they aren’t trying to cover up something..–Brilliant at Breakfast

2) Kucinich tosses a sort of endorsement to Obama.AMERICAblog

3) One good thing about 2008? It’s the last year of the Bushliburton regime! (Hopefully)Shakesville

4) “Subway Superman” looks back at heroic act, one year later.Anything Goes & General News

5) According to the RIAA, you merely rent the music on the CDs you bought at the store.Signs of the Times

6) Bloggers beware! Could this happen here?Crooks and Liars

7) The failed predictions of Steve Forbes.News Hounds

8.) Bin Laden’s perfect timing.Duckplops

9) The Huckster sending mixed subliminal messages.The Democratic Daily

10) “Depends” Alert (trust me, I wished I would have had this warning): Very funny commentary on ten misleading infomercials. (I’m serious…just put down your morning cuppa before you read this).The Best Article Every Day

Find something positive in your day and make the most of it.


(Make My Day!)

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